Pump up the volume so your ear drums are ratt-a-lin…………

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Aug 122003

We had a disneyland discussion today at work, so I thought I’d just leave you some highlights….these are the strange people I work with:

Lindsey – “Disney Land……… Strollers, fat people, retards….. I FUCKING HATE DISNEYLAND”

JJ – “Did you know Mickey is divorcing Minnie? Yeah! He told the lawyer shes been stalking him, and he needed to get away. The lawyer tried to tell him he shouldn’t divorce her just because she’s crazy, but Mickey says hes not doing it because shes crazy but because she’s fuckin goofy!”

…….. In other news, another cute hostess was trained tonight, and I of course had to be ever so flirty. Workplace flirting is the best! Her name is Lacy…..

That is all.

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sometimes it is nice to return to the domicile….

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Aug 092003

Some funny stuff happened at work today… I’ll tell you bout it sometime…

Tonight we had a birthday celebration for Kodi. It was a very small (elite) group of Kodi fans, and it was plenty of fun. We went to Stony Point B&G, then on to Rockin’ bowl, for some throwing of heavy objects at some stupid looking ducks (Don’t they remind you of a flock of ducks?). I discovered that my bowling skills are improving! My average is up to 80-90 now instead of 68. Go Me!

And now, to increase your sexual knowledge, I have discovered the actual term for a sexual happenings that is ‘the suck.’

A Jack-a-Zachary is the name given to the act of pulling out during sex, thrusting in an attempt to get back in, missing the target, and stabbing something solid instead. Now, luckily this has never happened to me, but I’ve heard horror stories from others, and it is not nice. For those of you who don’t know anything of the effects, allow me to further your enlightenment. If you were accuracy were to mistakenly wane at the wrong moment and did occur, first you would feel (and hear) a sort of popping noise. Following this would be much pain, some screaming, and perhaps the lights would be turned on. You would then find that your poor member has swollen up with blood, more blood as it were than should be in a decent erection, and is beginning to turn nasty colors. At this point, you call the hospital and “demand a fucking helicopter evac immediately!” The shit has gone and hit the fan. So, lets all have a respectful moment of silence for those who have experienced the Jack-a-Zachary and hope we never have to experience it ourselves. Talk about a very in oppertune time to experience something so terribly awful! And the emberassment/pain at the hospital. Good lord. Well, now that you know…… I guess you know! …… Thanks Zac for the story heehee 🙂

Heheh, yeah… on that note, G’night!

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Someday I’ll be there with you, I swear!

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Aug 082003

Tonight Derek taught me how to drive stick-shift in his Celica. That car rocks, it’s mad mad mad fast! It wasn’t as hard as I figured it would be, there are just several nuances I need to remember… With a little bit more practice, I’ll have it down swell. Atm I think I could pretty much handle any driving though, even if it wasn’t stylishly smooth….

Other then that, I finished pulling out some silly pictures for you viewing pleasure!!!

***********OHH, I apologize for the quality of the pictures, but trying to get decent stills out of digital video is absolutely the suck. so yeah, that’s all *******************

“One way, or another, I’m gonna find ya! I’m gonna gitcha, gitcha, gitcha!”

Would you like to know more?

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Aug 072003

Last night was interesting. Derek proposed a walk in Annadel, which we set in motion, but by the time we got there it was around 8:30 and getting darker by the moment. Because of this, most of our walkabout was spent in moonlight, and Robbie seemed to stumble alot. He blamed it on his Judo training which insists on shuffling. Shuffling is not good on a trail in the dark.

After our hike, we decided we would go get our friend Joe, and subsequently seek sufficient potations. We talked to Audrey (Joe’s roomate), and Joe was not around. At least I made the effort though, I’ve been trying to spend some time with Joe all summer long!

Our thirst for potations was quenched by Adels. The waitress was excellent for once. She gave Derek a free float re-fill, which she wasn’t supposed to do she said, re-filled waters many-a-time, and had the neatest ticket I’ve ever seen. So we left $60 to pay for our $44 bill. That’s what you get when you wait on 4 people, 3 of which spend to much time in resteraunts.

After the meal, none of us felt like doing much of anything anymore, so we sat around for a while and watched the Monterey footage which contained a few jewels. Our food fight didn’t have much of interest, except Derek’s boisterous screams when he thought he was going to be nailed by mustard. I’m going to pull that sound clip out and use it. The penguin sex is hilarious, and the minute or so of Robbie and I wearing penguin hats is an absolute riot. I think tonight when I get off work I’ll try and pull out some decent pictures and post them….so look for those tommorow!

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It’s been quite a few days, so this will be abridged!

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Aug 052003

Friday Night: Went to Santi in Geyserville and had an awesome bombastic dinner. I had this Rabbit/pasta stew type dish, and some Veal Osso Bucco. It was tasty.

Sunday: Went to the Rennaisance fair in BlackWood with Jeremy, his sister, Kodi, and Mariel. I am in love with that place. I really really really want to put together a costume and go next year in style. That would be awesome! Jousting is the best, by the way…. anyone want to start an underground jousting group?

Sunday Night: Carrows…. everyone ordered ice cream sundays, and they were tasty as ever. It was a blast. I love Carrows….

So… that’s all for now… a shallow post from a fatigued boy….

Tommorow at 10 there’s a mandatory meeting at work, I think it’s going to be hilarious. After that, it’s officially my day off, and I want to hang out, see American Wedding, and get a burger. Rar!

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Ok…. Today was cool.

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Jul 312003

Yeah. Like I said in the above. Today was cool.

Today I made a trip to Monterey with Derek, (Ben), and (Robbie). We went to the Aquarium, which was awesome, and then to Bubba Gump’s Shrimp place for dinner. I had some pimpin shrimpin! I brought along my video camera, and we totally looked like tourists, but after I sort through the footage I may be able to withdraw some awesome pictures.

Highlights of the trip were many:

At the Aquarium, the animals were awesome. We saw 2 penguins having sex, a seriously cool king crab getting crazy with it’s mouth, an elite octopus, and a bird that wouldn’t stop charging up and down this mini-beach! Penguins rock!

At the resteraunt, I said “Howdy” to the hostess, and I guess that was the magik word because according to Robbie she was all up ons! She got all smily, called me a cowboy, and we got all flirty for a few moments… that was fun… that needs to happen more often in Sonoma County though… ya know!

The drive home was absolutely the best. At random, this van next to us opened their sliding door and some bastage mooned us. We instantly went into marauding pirate mode! We pulled out a basket of strawberries I had bought earlier, and strafed them, lobbing a strawberry through the open passenger window! The battle had commenced! This whole little fling happened going up 19th ave in SF, over the bridge, and into some neighboring towns on the freeway. We kept broadsiding eachother, lobbing articles at eachother, getting very crazy! We needed a pirate flag so badly. Ben says he scored several direct hits through the windows of the van with strawberries, and they scored a direct hit with the contents of a starbucks hazelnut coffee drink on my front window. They then attempted a mustard attack on us, and that failed, despite looking really really hardcore! Eventually, we parted ways, considering the battle a draw, with good fun on both sides. I must admit, trying to out-pilot their Galleon with Old Iron-Sides was a challenge, but she pulled through for me for sure. The coffee mess on my windshield is awesome. I’m hoping the video camera captured some of the better moments…. All I can say is, randomly doing absolutely crazy shit with random people is awesome. In retrospect, driving that fast up 19th and the GG while lobbing objects at another car seems extremely dangerous and foolish, but it was absolutely smashing good fun!

What a day….. I did about 6 hours of driving at least……… I’m beat hehe….

But we all concur, today was wayyyyyyyyyyy to much fun! I think we are going to do something just as adventurous next week when I have my days off.

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Jul 282003

KyleKyle is a Giant Dragon that CANNOT BE STOPPED, shoots Laser Beams, emits Clouds of Inky Smoke, controls the Weather, and has Tough Leathery Skin.

Strength: 12 Agility: 12 Intelligence: 12

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat KyleKyle , enter your name and choose an attack:

fights KyleKyle using
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Jul 282003

Oh right. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. Fun will be had. Signing off.

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Jul 282003

It’s been a good bit of time since I’ve said anything decent!

I just finished FLCL # 3. Goddamn! That anime is friggin amazing! I’m thinking tommorow I’m going to go purchase #1 and #2, and have a viewing of all 3 in a row. The ending is downright amazing! Enough about FLCL, more people need to see it before I can rant about it!

For those who don’t know, I’ve been working a new job lately. This job has been added to my current busboy job to equal very little free time of late. More on the new job I guess: Jeremy helped me aquire a job as a waiter in Guernville. The resteraunt is called Pasta Boys, and it is within the confines of a Gay Resort. The resteraunt caters mainly to the gay community, which makes my job relatively interesting. I must say, I’m really enjoying the new experiences of being a waiter, and I’m very pleased that Guy, my manager, decided to give me a chance as a waiter despite only having bussing experience. So far, I’ve been kicking ass. So far, the regulars I’ve met at the resteraunt are extremely great as well. Some serious nice folk. As far as things go, I’m extremely secure in my sexuality, and being approached and hit upon by gay men is no real problem. The thing I like about the resteraunt, is the feeling of family. I’ve been there 2 weeks, and already I feel more comfortable there then I did at the Dry Creek Kitchen after 6 months. So, that’s the info on that! If you feel like coming out to guernville and having a decent dinner, and letting wait upon you, you should totally visit me! The food is good, and the scenery on the weekend is justy plain fun! Friday/Saturday nights we have a piano bar with singer letting loose showtunes all night long. It’s to much fun! Anyways, that is all for now.

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