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Aug 242003

Ahh yes…. freedom….. that was the longest damn weekend in the world…. 4 shifts… hehe….. I got extremely angry at this transvestite… such a bitch…..made plenty of money this weekend though… yay!

I called Chrystina twice today. Once in the afternoon after job one, left a message with someone. My phone tells me she returned the call, but didn’t live a message. I called again at around 10:00pm, was referred to another number by her mother, and when I called that number I heard yelling in the background and got a decent dose of anger across the line. So, no Chrystina was reached today. Stinky Stinky…..

I’m going to go annotate some Herstory texts in the kitchen, but I’ll be available online via AIM for comment for the next hour or so…..


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Aug 242003

The man wo was mortally wounded in war
Kept on fighting
The man who was cut to the quick by love
Kept on loving
The man who was merciless tortured by thoughts
Kept on thinking
The man who was crippled with concern
Kept on caring

Hair of the dog
Hair of the dog
Hair of the dog that turned
Hair of the dog

The man whose eyes were sore from obscenities
Kept on looking
The man whose heart bled, killed by compassion
Kept on feeling
The man whose legs buckled under exertion
Kept on running
The man whose ears burned to the sound of his own name
Kept on listening

Hair of the dog
Hair of the dog
Hair of the dog that turned
Hair of the dog

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Aug 232003

I got off work early tonight! Yay for me!

Called Chrystina, but she wasn’t home. I think she is still in Vacaville!

I guess I’m going to make some dinner and goto bed. At first I thought I wanted to go out and romp, but sleep is weighing down upon my eyes as I write this…. uggg, I need to play catch-up!

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Don’t fail sex!

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Aug 232003

Today was our Human sexuality class, and I can tell everyone that it rocks. Really it does! Davis, the teacher, is a friend of mine, and he hooked up all my friends with reduced price books, saving our group 500 dollars or more on books! Quite a nice perk indeed! The class itself is going to be awesome once it gets down and dirty. I’m excited about all the sexy knowledge we are going to aquire! Yay!

Today I also ordered a DSL connection from Due to their proximity to the house I figure the speeds will be wonderful! It takes 5-10 days to install, but once it goes it, I doubt my computer will ever have a day of rest again! Oh My!

I’m thinking a online RPG is in order…. but which one?

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StudxKitten has brought to my attention the fact that I haven’t talked about school…. oh my!

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Aug 222003

School started this week. So far it’s been a blast. My course load is 16 units, which isn’t so bad. I’m very happy about being back on campus. I missed all the sights, sounds, and people! It seems like this time around, there’s a friendly face ’round every corner at the JC. Combine this with my decision to be as social as possible, and we have endless fun!

Here is the breakdown of my classes so far:

Intermidiate Fencing: This is going to be all kinds of fun. Derek is in this class with me, and my friend Bennett is there as well. I love fencing!

Second Semester Women’s History: joined me in this class on Wednesday, and he agreed that the teacher is terrible. I met some decent people, but the teacher more than makes up for any good with his complete terribleness.

Geology and Geology Lab: Mr. Shore is like, the coolest teacher ever. He’s so hilarious. I love how he calls things stupid. You’d just have to have his class to understand how awesome he is.

English 5: Interesting course work, but the teacher is wretched. I spent most of class drawing cartoon likenesses of a girl who sat across from me. At least that was fun.

Human Sexuality: I haven’t had this class yet, and I already know it’s awesome. The teacher, Davis Manino is a regular at the Guernville reateraunt I work at, and a friend. Tonight he ate at my other resteraunt, the Dry Creek Kitchen, and he told me I looked like an A+. That’s pretty awesome. I wish I knew all my teachers on a personal level.

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Aug 192003

People who remember me from 2nd grade really creep me out….. hmm… clarification. People who remember me from 2nd grade but haven’t seen me since really creep me out.

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Aug 172003

Last night was kinda whacky! I slipped out of work rather early because Jeremy agreed to do me a favor and close, so that I could make it to a birthday party for my friend Chrystina’s mother! I got there at about midnight after searching my way through Rio Nido, met up with Chrystina, and proceeded to hang out for many hours. Chrystina is freakin boombastic awesome. I was thoroughly wowed by her musical skills. She played her violin so beautifully. I did feel a little like I was on the outside of some sort of elite circle, because basically anyone there could grab an instrument and jam, and I could not :-/ . I ended up accidentally falling asleep on her couch whilst watching The Mask, which was probably not so good, but a total accident like I stated. In the morning we went to Spliffs for coffee and chocolate, which was a nice place in Guernville, my chocolate was lovely. I ended up staying till about 2pm. We hung out by the pool for a long, long time. I’m not sure if I overstayed my welcome or not, probably did, but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave. Chrystina was really awesome, moreso than I expected, and her friends were just as fun and fascinating. I must have seemed rather repressed though, I was totally surrounded by new faces and not in a new element. I did try to hold my own though, and hopefully left a somewhat decent impression. But yes, she left quite an impression on me! It’s quite possible that I have the early phases of a … um…..yeah…how does it sound by the way I describe her heehee. I’d really like to take her out to dinner and pick her brain a bit away, especially with some distance from her friends. It was really difficult to try and talk to her when she was jamming away and playing host. We’ll see, I’m not so sure she’s interested, but I’m willing to see how it goes. I’ll call her later this week and give a full report!

Uggg. I have to go back to guernville in 2 hours to work again. ARG!

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Aug 152003

I was working, and Mariel stopped by the DCK because she was bored. She asked me for ideas on what to do, and I told her to make me a cake. She thought I was joking. So I ranted at her for a few minutes on why she should make me a cake. Guess what! She made 2 cakes! So after work we all hung out at Kodi’s grandmothers and ate cake and icecream. I guess it was Stephanie’s birthday so they decided to write her name on my cake, but deep down those cakes were totally for me. (Without my insistence, they never would have existed!)

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. is that everything?

Oh yes….EVERYONE should sign up for Psych 3 on Friday with Manino…. or at least audit the class since it’s full. If you are not in this class you are totally square!!!!!! Davis (Manino) is a friend of mine, and he’s a totally awesome teacher. If you take this class, you can hang out with a huge gang of fun folks and be filled with groovy happiness every friday! Yay! … that is alll.

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A strange/fun night!

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Aug 142003

Tonight was my last full, true day of summer. I sorrow at its departure.

Did all kinds of things today, eventually ending up at Haley’s party for Gina. That was pretty fun. Me and Dan had a couch, 2 blankets, and all kinds of strange things to say to drunk people.

And, just when I thought my night was about to end, it began again! As I came home, I walked into the midst of another party. This time, it was masterminded by Chrism. It appears that him and all his Cutco friends were having a blast in the living room, and I didn’t mind joining right in! As you can see, it’s 5:30 am now, and this little soire has yet to cease! I had the chance to show off my ferret to all kinds of new people, including several nice girls. Yay for whistle charms! Well… I think I’m done here for now… back into the midst of things………

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Chim Chimminey Chim Chimminey Chim Chim Charoo! I done what I like, and I like what I do!

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Aug 132003

I’m on the very fringes of an interesting all nighter….. Thus far, various animes have been watched as well as Lost in La Mancha. I found it amusing in La Mancha how Johnny Depp thought he could make suggestions on a Terry Gilliam script! Bah! Of course, Gilliam saw it the same as I and brushed little Johnny off. What does an actor know!

Now I’m on the fringes of a very long all nighter. I’ve got some very nice Rohnny Size on the speakers, Merry Poppins on the tele, and absolutely no reason to waste my night sleeping. After Merry Poppins I shall be watching Dr. Doolitle, and I think I’ll round off the morning with Lady and the Tramp…..

The more I think about it, the more pleased I become about school starting next week. It will be excellent meeting some new folks, which both Derek and I agree is a priority.

I talked to Adam today, and it appears that his moving out has become finalized. Big changes this semester it seems!

It’s funny…The other night this new bartender was starting, a massive giant one at that, and we had a fascinating little talk about the gay lifestyle, and how it’s always interesting to be the straight man in a bunch. So much teasing! This may seem like a rather strange topic, but we kind of wound our way into after he said he knew Jeremy as well, and we spoke of him a bit. Speaking of Jeremy, I need to call him! I really need to meet this new stud he’s been telling me about, especially since it’s kinda relatively my fault he met him! WRaa~ for me.

Dick Van Dyke is hard to the core. Wicked and raw even.

Ramble Ramble……. that’s enough for now!

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