Jul 292005

Everything is wunderbar! Everything except having to move your car at 8am and looking for a new spot for 20 minutes… that sucks, but besides that its all good!

I think I’m gonna make a picture post later today if I get bored… should be neat!

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Jul 232005

Huge Scavenger hunt today, talk about a blast. Props go out to our team for convincing the meter maid to write us up a ticket, and to those cool fireman fellows for letting us wear the fire suit. Thanks Matt for the phone research, and thank you coffee shop run by the family of that girl in my bio lab for being so cool.

I saw Morgan Freeman at the Powell Station today. It was kind of strange and funny. The way he stands and walks seems so unmistakable in my mind. Perhaps I’ve seen him in too many movies.

I’m planning to make a photo tour of my new place, it will be fun to see when i finish. I’m also planning on making screens with my roomate Adrian. We went to Home Depot and bought supplies, like screen, and this pizza cutter tool, and big long bits of frame. We just have to do some measuring and cutting and what not. Wait till you see how we absolutely bastardized the internet. Lydia, the other roomate who hasnt moved in yet, is gonna hate us. Anyways, Time for some Samurai Shampoo. tata!

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Jul 192005

Ahhh, what fun. Had to move all my stuff yesterday; thank the gods for Kiah’s help. Today was spent lazying about, and eventually organizing my room, which is a bit smaller than the old one, but functional for sure. We attempted to make Black Bean sauce & chicken. A mixed success, but with the Coconut rice it was very good. Living on Irving appears to be all about shopping and cooking asian style. Getting to work on the other hand, appears like it might be difficult, ah well, I’m happy. Take care everyone!

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Jul 182005

Moving today! Yay! I am borrowing my mother’s Van so I can transport all my nasty furniture, bed, and such nonsense as that. I’m so excited, I love the new place!

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Stolen from this weeks onion…

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Jul 092005

All Y’All Urged to Go Fuck Yo’Selves

DETROIT—In a strongly worded pronouncement to all y’all motherfuckers, Detroit resident Dwayne Combs urged all y’all to go fuck yo’ selves Monday. “Y’all be bullshit,” said Combs in a 3:17 a.m. address from the corner of Woodward Avenue and Grand Boulevard. “And yo’ mama, too.” Monday’s statement marked the normally reclusive Combs’ first since an October 1998 appeal to Detroit’s city council to kiss his big, black ass. Representatives for all y’all have not yet responded to Combs’ themselves-fucking offer.

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Jul 092005

Thats right, Adrian and I got our keys this morning for the new place. Lydia will get her keys when she moves out. We are sooo very much excited. I’ll try and get some pictures at some point. Parking is nasty, but the benefit of being half a block from a street filled with restaurants is obvious. Also, being 1.5 blocks from Golden Gate Park isnt a shabby thing either.

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wooo…. wooo…. woooo

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Jul 082005

Damn, lookit all the cobwebs on this crazy livejournal. I hardly visit these days…

Maybe that will change though, since I did a bunch of work on my computer, and its all tech’d out again like the good ole days, like it was before I did my previous ‘lazy reformat’. By tech’d out, we are talking glinky software, like a lj update client, so i dont have to open a browser to update. How nifty! Photoshop got installed too, though my version is antiquated. I may give this soulseek program that Derek reccomends a try, and if I do we will test it on photoshop.

I hung out with Mat today. Haven’t seen him in half a millenium, so we wandered downtown, got food, talked about people, ran into Jenny on Haight, and eventually waited on opposite sides of the street for trains that arrived simultaneously. I picked up the new IndustrialnatioN magazine, there’s an article on The Azoic that I have yet to reach, but I’m definitely interested in reading.

Tommorow I’m taking my sister to the opening night of the Silent Film festival at that Castro theatre. We are excited, since neither of us have seen an old silent film with live piano accompaniment. Should be tops.

**** Speaking of The Azoic, this bitchin station of streaming musical delights is ‘bumping their shit’ as I type. Yay! *****

Hmm….not much else to say… I think I’m going to go watch Jeremy’s copy of The Transporter, since he left it for me and I’m in that kind of mood. I have ice cream to accompany as well, so this endeavor should be good.

(This will be cross posted in your mother’s bedroom tonight, so if you see me leaving out the back door, take this as your explanation)

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Greetings from Los Angeles

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Jun 162005

I formed it for safe and clay/tone! My car had nearly incendent with the overheating, but in the end I formed it well!

It is so much good to see Kiah after these last five weeks of the Seins separately! Yesterday we received some Sushi and a Icecream sandwhich for me, and today I am not safe, which we do. We are also when packing everything above, therefore we can take everything to it backw ith we, but, if I legend that “we… Pack “if I are real, mean Kiah of sentences, while I add witty joke of the corner.

Mobile lock of howling was a ehrfuerchtiger film. I saw that it with Annie on Tuesday and we a large time had. Also spent $790 on a hardly locally specified car and success up a goal and dealer Joes. The following film, which I think, is approximate Batman begins, who is shown in the Imax way with the Metreon.

Everything that is later for now, discussion to y’all!

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Jun 132005

Like that this is my first large post in a long time!

Everything probably was here with me in San Francisco. Summer began, drew I an acceptable average of point of degree, and the weather is a little more better. I permit that I was very much bored, to become too many friends and working left, and Sonoma county is much too far away. The desire, a little more is with a club striking goth, but it to do difficult work and the necessity, so that companions with me come. I will soon buy hopeful spiffy a bicycle, if my autorepairs set me not too far into the bad house.

I drive and get Wednesday to Los Angeles to the case with Kiah her finally back to northern parts. We had something troubles recently, but everything is preparing I to think. Our mental conditions during our final rounds set large quantities of load on us, which would seem it.

Which concerns films, Batman begins successes Imax with the Metreon soon, which is very important. I think the fact that I always Z and Y entangle tomorrow mobile lock of howling, whom by Miyazaki will see new film or Mizayaki, I.

How otherwise does everyone do? Who would like to hang out and wastes some time in San Francisco with me?

Translation for the profit.

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