Oct 262005

So for anyone that wants to see why ebay is cool… click this:


Basically, I paid 14.95 for 10 months to play World of Warcraft. Thats $149.50… Thanks to Ebay, I have no made my money back. BOOM!

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Oct 262005

It’s 5:15 AM and I’m totally awake. Why? Test Day! Genetics is the order of the day. I’m gonna go make breakfast, and a kylekyle mug of earl grey, and plunk myself down for 5 hours of studying (right up until the test)… Talk about a study tactic. The good thing is, this 2nd test is going to be so much easier, they are so afraid of the student wrath they saw after the last test that they litterally told everyone what was going to be on it. The sad thing is, people still won’t get it and they’ll still fuck it up. I just have to make sure I’m not one of those people.

Bauhaus last night was pretty amazing. Mat and I arrived a little late, but Peter Murphy was crooning like he was still young, loud, long, low, high, and every other which way. Way cool.

I’m making Shane dinner tonight, she has a midterm too so we are gonna rock some food in celebration (agony?). I have to figure out how to handle the vegetarian thing, definitely not what I am used to. Oh well, I’m learning!

Friday is the “Kyle is gonna eat some fish-heads” dinner mk2. It might become a sort of bi-annual ritual, who knows! The basic plan is 8pm, West Portal. Everyone give a sneer at the wind for Derek, who will be having “savory crepes” instead, which although swell, makes him deserving of a “savory crap” right on his nose (Burn…).

Time to go stick a potatoe in a fish and smash it up, smash it up! Fish Cakes? FISH CAKES!

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