Oct 172005

I totally missed my train stop by 20 blocks… I’m such a retard!

Lets see…. getting my phys test results tommorow, hope hope hope….

Spent a good portion of the last week hanging out with a lassy named Shane. She’s quite the fun character, and she has a rat named Spot! Highlights include loitering past midnight at the buffalo paddock, decorating Manny’s cake, and wheat waffles with raspberries inside them (Yes I know, utter madness!)!

Threw a small birthday party on Saturday. Invited most of the people I could think of, but only the elite showed up… heehee… We played some video games, watched a weird movie, and had some lovely ice cream cake… All I can say is, sorry it wasnt the coolest 21st birthday party, but I’m glad you had fun!

That’s all for now!

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