Oct 132005

The last few days have been quite a blur….

Basically, I had to write 6 essays as a sort of pre-test for animal physiology, and then take the test, which was the hardest test of my life. Each essay required 5 researched sources, and each resource was sufficiently complex that it took me hours and hours to write each essay. Ouch?

All of friday was spent writing an essay on chloride cells in anadromous and catadromous fish.

Saturday involved an essay on facultative paedomorphosis in the morning, work till 8, then the Cruxshadows with Derek and Jess. The Cruxshadows are amazing live, like nothing I have ever experienced. The violinist is sooooo good, and Rogue (the singer) wanders through the crowd often, singing to people and dancing…. I will see them again for sure.. They played a song that made me a little sad, brought back some good memories, but it was still nice to hear it live.

Sunday involved Arizmendi for muffins and scones to bring to work, a whole lotta workin, and some telephone traffic that night.

Monday was essays on kidney function in things like kangaroo rats and fruit bats, as well as an essay on glucose transporters. I litterally sat in my chair and typed for at least 12 hours that day.

Tuesday was essays on Salt glands in seagulls, and sea turtle adaptations, as well as studying for and taking my animal phys test. Hardest test of my life, no joke. Turned in all 6 essays, I think they were good. Went shopping with and no annika. Bought some pants and a shirt at the Gap, all of which were not very slacker Kyle, but they look nice. Tuesday night was fun too.

Wednesday (today) was all about doing laundry, picking up 2 boxes of Ravnica, general slacking, and wandering golden gate park. I love you Mr. Whistles!

Tommorow is the long haul, should be interesting… work, school, and all kinds of nonsense!

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  2 Responses to “Decompression….”

  1. sounds busy busy.

  2. text me your phone number.

    i misplaced it.


    and i’ll probably need directions to your place again because i’m a dumbfuck.

    and i’m unsure on joe coming or not since he’s at the pumpkin fest thing at half moon bay today.

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