Oct 062005

I’m in a very ‘New Order’ kind of mood. What kind of mood is that? I don’t really know… I feel cheery today, though I have every reason not to. 6 Essays of gigantous proportions loom over my head, as well as a crazy hard test for Animal Physiology on Tuesday. I’m not so scared anymore though, I’ve made arrangements with the devil.

On Saturday, Derek and I are going to see the Cruxshadows, and I expect this will be the most fun I have for the next 5 days. This is going to cut into my study time pretty bad, but I had already made the plans and I intend to stick to them regardless of difficult classes.

Friday I’m getting a haircut, the highlight of my day off! It will be nice to have short hair again, its much easier to feel better about myself when I don’t sport a half-mullet! Post haircut is essay writing time, so yay for that.

The whole being single thing is really beginning to set in. If it wasn’t for insane volumes of school and work, I’d probably have time to get bored and lonely.

On a related note, I’m working very hard at being friendly with random people. It’s especially tough with stupid people like (burn), but I think I’m doing alright. More on that later I suppose.

Is there anything I haven’t mentioned that I should? If anyone is curious about anything, ask away! Now I must get back to Physiology… have to write a synopsis soon.

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  3 Responses to “Gargle Bargle!”

  1. best of luck with the essays.

  2. a) What did the Devil promise and, b) can you get out of it? 😉

    I’m sorry I didn’t comment on your earlier post about Kiah. It sounds like it was for the best, but even still, I know it wasn’t easy.

    Regarding new haircut, I really liked your hair when it was short and bleached, but the dark roots showed thorugh. That’s just my opinion!

    Your roomate should be more respectful of privacy!

    • A) Success B) Do I want too? 🙂

      Yeah, its taking some work mentally, but it will be ok in time…

      As to the bleach, alot of people have said DO IT… so I dunno, maybe for christmas!

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