Oct 012005

Serenity is amazing! Wait… I think I need a bigger font…


So go see it now! Or better yet, watch all of Firefly first, then see it now!

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  1. hmmmm, i shall i shall.
    Sorry about not being able to respond to your IM, I did not realize that my computer signed me on. Plus i was in a really pissy mood (look at lj post), and its not fun talking to someone who is in a pissy mood. BUt I hope you are doing well. Hopefully i can visit you sometime this week at the end of the tunnel:-)

  2. hiiiiiiiii

    kyle its your brother..you missed my birthday, but it was cool to hear from you. Im in cloverdale right now doing homework with my bestest friend milo. im actuall busting my freakin ass to do good.
    I fdont know if I told you, but i bought a $200 guitar along w/ amop and guitar pics and a gig bag… well, talk to you soon

    -your punk brother

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