Sep 282005

Kiah and I broke up for good. I kinda indicated it with my emo picture a few posts ago, but I really wasn’t in the mood to explain it to people who didnt already know. It was basically mutual, and rather tough to do, but the right thing in the end. The reasons were relatively simple: We weren’t cut out for it, we fought to much, we weren’t happy, my heart was in the distance, and it was affecting our schooling. So, a day before she left for LA, we had our last day together. We spent close to $100 on a brilliant Sushi dinner, in fond rememberance of things I suppose. It was nice. Now I’m just working on myself. Conflicting thoughts and feelings are strange. I also have to work out how polar my days are. I’m either surrounded by people who are coming and going, or alone basically, exceptions being the few people I know at school and the times when the other roomates are just hanging out. Does that make sense? It’s weird. I definitely don’t have as many friends as I would like, which complicates life when there are times when you just want to talk to people. I feel like I’m re-hashing all of the beginning of the last school year, but its really happening this time. We aren’t getting back together, and we both know it.

Time for a new paragraph, that was running on. Anyways, things are strange. I’ll work it out though. I definitely plan on spending some quality time with my new camera… it should come tommorow. It’s not quite a loving girlfriend, but it should be plenty distracting. I have tickets for shows too to keep me occupied, Derek and I are gonna go to the Cruxshadows, plus 2 tickets for Bauhaus near the end of October. But then again, I won’t be distracted all the time, and thats always when the sadness seems to hit… Its tough too, inner emotions tend to make me more quiet around people I don’t know, and I’m sure I come across as severely introverted to people when I shouldn’t… Damn, I’m losing the drive to ramble! This is the most I’ve said on my livejournal for a long time. Anyways, thats all…

The Summary of all that stuff: Girl gone. Man get sad. Lonely. Sun warm. New toy. Man work on things, make life better. Everything good soon.

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  1. Sorry to hear this, Kyle. Your emo-post got the message across. I know how tough it is to end a long-term relationship, and I know how tough it is to end a long-term long-DISTANCE relationship, too, because I’ve been there. So, we have that in common. The other thing we have in common is no friends.

    So, if you’re interested in grabbing some coffee, I know a starbucks that is conveniently located exactly halfway between my house and yours. We could talk, or not talk. Let me know.

    Take care,

  2. omg lolerz you are such teh emo duder lol lol lol……………………….sorry im feeling wierd

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