Sep 072005

Why? A list if you will…

1. Kiah and I are going to see Garbage on Saturday. Groovy.

2. I got a new pair of shoes from New Balance, and they fit perfect. Thank the gods for Wide sizes! Groovy.

3. (The one that has me all hot and bothered right now) …… I just bought Bauhaus tickets for October! Peter Murphy is bringing the kids together for a tour, and I’m going!!!! They were a tad expensive, but who cares… they don’t tend to tour very often…. I think the last time they were together was 7 years ago? Anyways. Yes, Bauhaus!!!!

Well, I have to get ready for school now, but lemme tell you, I’m doin it dancin!

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  2 Responses to “Can anyone say SUPER DUPER WOOT!”

  1. wowweee.. garbage and bauhaus! You’re speaking to my 90’s soul.

  2. Yay! I have concerts too! Tori Amos (this weekend), Seether/Audioslave, and Current 93. Weeee

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