Aug 272005

Hey everyone!

School just started for all the SFSU people… I need to know about people’s breaks!

My Schedule:
M 11-12 Genetics 1-2 Shakespeare
T 8-9 Ecology 2-3 Animal Physiology
W 11-12 Genetics 1-2 Shakespeare
TH 8-9 Ecology 9-12 Ecology Lab 2-3 Animal Physiology
F 11-12 Genetics 1-2 Shakespeare

So if you ever have time MWF 12-1, or TTH 12-2ish, call me up!

Genetics is alright, Shakespeare is gonna be awesome, Animal Physiology is going to be super hard, and Ecology was cancelled this week, but the teacher is supposed to be rad.

As to life other than school, Kiah and I went camping up at this place called Standish-Hickey. It had a nice swimming hole, and we did swum in it quite. I had a near death experience with a rattle snake too, ask me in person and tell you I shall. I do have some pictures from those days too, perhaps I’ll show a few at some point.

Last night I de-commissioned Old Iron Sides (the Volvo). It had been acting poorly, and no longer driving it will save me lots of money on insurance and gas, and headaches invovled with moving it twice a week to avoid street cleaning. On the down side, I won’t be coming to Sonoma County anymore, unless someone assists me, but I suppose that is ok. Now it is time to really live the San Francisco life, and spare the air! I still want a bicycle though.

Hmmm… Ok byebye

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  1. Poor volvo, mine has been de-comisioned as well.

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