Aug 132005

A small life update!

Summer is practically over, and as per usual, I have done jack shit. It’s wonderful, but rather sad in a way (as per usual).

Living in this new house is sweet. Lydia will be staying here for good soon, and hopefully her cat will stop being so afraid of everything.

Kiah and I caught a “triple feature” at the Metreon yesterday. Wedding Crashers, Fantastic 4, and Sky High. Wedding Crashers was hilarious as all hell, fanstic sexual jokes of all kinds. Fantastic 4 was not so fantastic, not enough fighting and a strange lack of dark winged crusaders from Gotham. Sky High, however, was way fun, and a great kids movie besides. Kiah had to remind me that making over exaggerated masturbation motions as a sign of sarcastic emotion, though funny, is also in appropriate during kiddy flicks. My bad !!

I still haven’t purchased a bicycle, but I also never got my deposit back from my old landlord, so I shall keep harassing him by telephone and eventually get my bike. Anyways, my car is on the ropes, looking at a possible KO.. Its acting really unhappy. I’m thinking I might go back to a motorcycle in the next year… we’ll see…

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  1. 21 days in a row, doesn’t have to be business days. Then file a small claims lawsuit for triple damages, cost to you is time of and I believe 15 dollars. I am a tenant union organiser for my building, feel free to be in touch.
    Pictures of how you left the place, anything in writing?

    After 21 business days, landlord is pretty much forced to return your entire deposit as default for not itemising what was wrong and getting you a check beforehand. DO not inform the landlord of this, don’t inform them of knowing your rights, simply ask them to get you your check. If they don’t, let the 21 days lapse and go after them for damages.
    That’ll pay for youf bike and remind the landlord not to do this to people. Is the kitter scared of whistles?

    • hmm interesting… 21 days? But what if we never had a lease, or any paperwork… does that illegitimize my claim?

      • Nope, it’s a state thing. He has 21 days to itemise why there are deductions and to return anything left over, or it defaults. You don’t have to have a contract which says this is true, you’d have had to have a contract which says you had a different agreement, because this is the basis in law. Do you have any proof they’re holding onto any of your money?

  2. Wait, you’re having a nice life anad you want a motercicle?
    ALIVE is preferably how most ladies like their bois.


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