Oct 262005

So for anyone that wants to see why ebay is cool… click this:


Basically, I paid 14.95 for 10 months to play World of Warcraft. Thats $149.50… Thanks to Ebay, I have no made my money back. BOOM!

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Oct 262005

It’s 5:15 AM and I’m totally awake. Why? Test Day! Genetics is the order of the day. I’m gonna go make breakfast, and a kylekyle mug of earl grey, and plunk myself down for 5 hours of studying (right up until the test)… Talk about a study tactic. The good thing is, this 2nd test is going to be so much easier, they are so afraid of the student wrath they saw after the last test that they litterally told everyone what was going to be on it. The sad thing is, people still won’t get it and they’ll still fuck it up. I just have to make sure I’m not one of those people.

Bauhaus last night was pretty amazing. Mat and I arrived a little late, but Peter Murphy was crooning like he was still young, loud, long, low, high, and every other which way. Way cool.

I’m making Shane dinner tonight, she has a midterm too so we are gonna rock some food in celebration (agony?). I have to figure out how to handle the vegetarian thing, definitely not what I am used to. Oh well, I’m learning!

Friday is the “Kyle is gonna eat some fish-heads” dinner mk2. It might become a sort of bi-annual ritual, who knows! The basic plan is 8pm, West Portal. Everyone give a sneer at the wind for Derek, who will be having “savory crepes” instead, which although swell, makes him deserving of a “savory crap” right on his nose (Burn…).

Time to go stick a potatoe in a fish and smash it up, smash it up! Fish Cakes? FISH CAKES!

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Oct 242005

Check this shit out:
I’m saying goodbye to my second massive multiplayer game, only this time I’m going to attempt to make some money!

In other news, been crashing around with Shane the past few days and its been great! We hit up the De Young on Friday, and we finally saw the Superman painting thats been up all over SF that looks sooo cool.

Started reading King Lear for class… its pretty cool…

Bauhaus with Mat in 2 days or so….. I…Cant…Wait…

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Oct 182005

Fie on thee evil gods of grading, I laugh in your general direction!

What the hell do you do when you’re in a crazy celebratory mood and discover you have naught to do? Goddamn goddamn goddamn! I’ll just have to make my own plans i suppose…. renting seems out of the question, a bunch of Adrian’s friends showed up just now….. Thus it seems the only option would be copious amounts of terribly unhealthy dinner and dessert! SCORE!

Oh right, why so happy? Got the Animal Physiology test results back, for the class that made me crazy right! On the essays that took me wayyyyy to much time, 75/75! Perfect score! Woo! On the actual test? 71/100… a C- ….. Buuuuuut, the class average was 74/175, and when you factor in the curve adjustment (technically a pop quiz requiring the answers ‘grass’ and ‘green’ ), I have 158/175…. which happens to be 90.28% …. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Thats right… that many A’s … then again, the original 83.4% I had was amazing, I think there were 3 A’s and 2 B’s in the whole class pre-curve. Go Mother F’ing Me.

Wholy crap…. Sooo stoked…. rant rant rant! Stack this next to the Ecology A, and the theoretical A in Genetics and you have one happy puppy named Kyle.

I think I’ll do this tonight: Write an essay, work on a lab report, read up on my genetics, and make some gnarly chili dogs and then combo out with the Ben and Jerry’s that was never eaten Friday night.

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Oct 172005

I totally missed my train stop by 20 blocks… I’m such a retard!

Lets see…. getting my phys test results tommorow, hope hope hope….

Spent a good portion of the last week hanging out with a lassy named Shane. She’s quite the fun character, and she has a rat named Spot! Highlights include loitering past midnight at the buffalo paddock, decorating Manny’s cake, and wheat waffles with raspberries inside them (Yes I know, utter madness!)!

Threw a small birthday party on Saturday. Invited most of the people I could think of, but only the elite showed up… heehee… We played some video games, watched a weird movie, and had some lovely ice cream cake… All I can say is, sorry it wasnt the coolest 21st birthday party, but I’m glad you had fun!

That’s all for now!

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Oct 132005

The last few days have been quite a blur….

Basically, I had to write 6 essays as a sort of pre-test for animal physiology, and then take the test, which was the hardest test of my life. Each essay required 5 researched sources, and each resource was sufficiently complex that it took me hours and hours to write each essay. Ouch?

All of friday was spent writing an essay on chloride cells in anadromous and catadromous fish.

Saturday involved an essay on facultative paedomorphosis in the morning, work till 8, then the Cruxshadows with Derek and Jess. The Cruxshadows are amazing live, like nothing I have ever experienced. The violinist is sooooo good, and Rogue (the singer) wanders through the crowd often, singing to people and dancing…. I will see them again for sure.. They played a song that made me a little sad, brought back some good memories, but it was still nice to hear it live.

Sunday involved Arizmendi for muffins and scones to bring to work, a whole lotta workin, and some telephone traffic that night.

Monday was essays on kidney function in things like kangaroo rats and fruit bats, as well as an essay on glucose transporters. I litterally sat in my chair and typed for at least 12 hours that day.

Tuesday was essays on Salt glands in seagulls, and sea turtle adaptations, as well as studying for and taking my animal phys test. Hardest test of my life, no joke. Turned in all 6 essays, I think they were good. Went shopping with and no annika. Bought some pants and a shirt at the Gap, all of which were not very slacker Kyle, but they look nice. Tuesday night was fun too.

Wednesday (today) was all about doing laundry, picking up 2 boxes of Ravnica, general slacking, and wandering golden gate park. I love you Mr. Whistles!

Tommorow is the long haul, should be interesting… work, school, and all kinds of nonsense!

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Oct 062005

I’m in a very ‘New Order’ kind of mood. What kind of mood is that? I don’t really know… I feel cheery today, though I have every reason not to. 6 Essays of gigantous proportions loom over my head, as well as a crazy hard test for Animal Physiology on Tuesday. I’m not so scared anymore though, I’ve made arrangements with the devil.

On Saturday, Derek and I are going to see the Cruxshadows, and I expect this will be the most fun I have for the next 5 days. This is going to cut into my study time pretty bad, but I had already made the plans and I intend to stick to them regardless of difficult classes.

Friday I’m getting a haircut, the highlight of my day off! It will be nice to have short hair again, its much easier to feel better about myself when I don’t sport a half-mullet! Post haircut is essay writing time, so yay for that.

The whole being single thing is really beginning to set in. If it wasn’t for insane volumes of school and work, I’d probably have time to get bored and lonely.

On a related note, I’m working very hard at being friendly with random people. It’s especially tough with stupid people like (burn), but I think I’m doing alright. More on that later I suppose.

Is there anything I haven’t mentioned that I should? If anyone is curious about anything, ask away! Now I must get back to Physiology… have to write a synopsis soon.

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Oct 012005

Serenity is amazing! Wait… I think I need a bigger font…


So go see it now! Or better yet, watch all of Firefly first, then see it now!

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Sep 282005

Kiah and I broke up for good. I kinda indicated it with my emo picture a few posts ago, but I really wasn’t in the mood to explain it to people who didnt already know. It was basically mutual, and rather tough to do, but the right thing in the end. The reasons were relatively simple: We weren’t cut out for it, we fought to much, we weren’t happy, my heart was in the distance, and it was affecting our schooling. So, a day before she left for LA, we had our last day together. We spent close to $100 on a brilliant Sushi dinner, in fond rememberance of things I suppose. It was nice. Now I’m just working on myself. Conflicting thoughts and feelings are strange. I also have to work out how polar my days are. I’m either surrounded by people who are coming and going, or alone basically, exceptions being the few people I know at school and the times when the other roomates are just hanging out. Does that make sense? It’s weird. I definitely don’t have as many friends as I would like, which complicates life when there are times when you just want to talk to people. I feel like I’m re-hashing all of the beginning of the last school year, but its really happening this time. We aren’t getting back together, and we both know it.

Time for a new paragraph, that was running on. Anyways, things are strange. I’ll work it out though. I definitely plan on spending some quality time with my new camera… it should come tommorow. It’s not quite a loving girlfriend, but it should be plenty distracting. I have tickets for shows too to keep me occupied, Derek and I are gonna go to the Cruxshadows, plus 2 tickets for Bauhaus near the end of October. But then again, I won’t be distracted all the time, and thats always when the sadness seems to hit… Its tough too, inner emotions tend to make me more quiet around people I don’t know, and I’m sure I come across as severely introverted to people when I shouldn’t… Damn, I’m losing the drive to ramble! This is the most I’ve said on my livejournal for a long time. Anyways, thats all…

The Summary of all that stuff: Girl gone. Man get sad. Lonely. Sun warm. New toy. Man work on things, make life better. Everything good soon.

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