Jun 262010

It’s been a pretty fantastic week for the world cup, if you’ve been watching like I have. Hardly missed a game this week. Highlights were seeing Slovakia put the hammer down on Italy. The Italians just lacked the hunger this time around, and Cannavarro was probably one of the worst defenders to show up in South Africa. Experience < 36 Years of Age. The two free kick goals from Japan were incredible, and they proved that the Jabulani is still a somewhat decent ball. It just needs the right touch. Finally, thank god for Germany making it through the group, they began to scare me. It’s a shame Schweinsteiger got himself hurt. That’s going to show against England most likely. But we’ll see….

I’ve begun going to the gym at UCSF. It’s a little on the expensive side, but there is a lot of room to grow there. They have a nice pool if I feel like swimming again, there is indoor soccer, racquetball for Cassidy and I to play, and the machines are nice. My routine thus far has been to use the elliptical machine for 20+ minutes (increasing that number by a minute every trip until I get up to speed), and then circuit through all the machines. I feel like my upper body is the most out of shape, so that is where I’m targeting most of my efforts. We’ll see, I’d like to return to the acrobatic days where I had the strength to walk on my hands and do a bazillion pull ups. I’m trying to match the physical effort with some strong dietary efforts: max protein all the time! That has translated into egg white omelets, salmon breast dinners, and powdery supplements in my Jamba Juice. It’s a little much, but my research indicates that without the protein a lot of the effort in the gym goes to waste. I’ve done the workout thing before without the best results, so I really want to maximize every possible avenue of enhancement.

On a completely separate note, I’ve been playing some decent MTGO (Magic: The Gathering Online) lately. Draft wise, I’ve done quite a few lately, and though I lost about 10 drafts in a row at first, I’ve had better success with Rise of the Eldrazi drafts. I’m actually in one as we speak. I’m playing Green/Red and splashing white. I wish my curve was a little better, because it turns out I’m pretty vulnerable to faster decks, but once I get going I do alright. I haven’t had a nice picture of a draft format like I do since Ravnica, and that was ages ago! Update, I conceded my final match even though I had it won, I feel like my foil Gideon Jura ($$$) was prize enough, and the fellow seemed pleasant enough. I need more practice yet. I made a lot of game play mistakes, even though my deck was solid.

Tomorrow the USA plays Ghana and I’m amped. For the first time in a long time I’m actually somewhat behind the USA team. Hooray USA team!  I’d better get some sleep, the soccer starts early!

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The Dead Space

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May 272010

I woke up this morning next to my lovely lady and I was forced to wait on her awakening for what felt like hours. For reference, I just came back from a two week business trip to Pennsylvania and 10pm = 1pm (so I go to bed early) and 8am = 11am (so I wake up early). It was in this quiet time that my mind began to ponder the upcoming transfer window. For those of you who aren’t obsessed with the soccer world like I am, the transfer window is the period of time between June 1st and August I do get to freak out of every little rumor concerning my team (Chelsea Football Club), or a big transfer coup (the movement of a big player from one team to another).  For 3 months I get to wonder what the makeup of my team will be at the start of the next season. We they spend hundreds of millions of pounds to gain the services of several players in the hopes of winning the Champion’s League? Will they try and succeed with the players they currently have and save some money? Only the passage of time can tell.

One player to watch this summer is a certain Fernando Torres. He currently belongs to Liverpool Football Club. He also plays for the Spanish national team, and if he avoids injuries (he actually has one currently, so he must avoid injury and heal),  you will get to see him leading the attack in the World Cup. Great displays in the world cup often set players up for juicy transfers. The summer games allow coaches, club owners, and managers to see potential players in action while their wallets are “out” essentially. Imagine going to the grocery store hungry. When I do, I always spend way too much money. The same phenomenon seems to occur every 4 years during the world cup summer. Players avoid signing contracts until after the games because they wish to “focus” on their country teams. This often means ‘if I do well in the world cup, you are going to have to pay more to keep me.’ But I begin to digress. Torres is such a player. His team, Liverpool, have failed to qualify for the competition that Torres excels in, the Uefa Champions League. This is a double edged sword: Liverpool loses the revenue from these major games, compounding their financial troubles and making it more likely that they will need to sell players over the summer in order to stay afloat. Also, without Champion’s League soccer for Torres to take part in, he may begin to look whistfully at some of the other major teams which can actually compete in this competition. Fernando came forward a few days ago with the statement everyone was expecting to here: “he will not discuss his future until after the world cup.” Boom. He might be on the move.

There are lots of potential suitors for a beautiful player such as Torres. It just so happens that my girlfriend is numbered among them. Can you blame her? Torres is very very skilled as a forward. He has amazing ball control, speed, and an excellent footballing brain. He can read the game very well, and use that to outfox the defenders and score on a very regular basis. Potential teams that might come calling over the summer include Barcelona, Manchester City, and Chelsea. My team? Yes Chelsea. It is highly possible that Torres could move to Chelsea. I begin to wonder how I feel about this. I think I like the idea. My girlfriend loves Torres, and if he moved to my team, she would be buying a jersey with his name the very next day. I would love it if we could rock matching jerseys as well. How hot would that be?

No matter what happens, you can be assured to read about it here. I love the drama and the intrigue of the summer transfer market, and I cannot wait to see who ends up where. Maybe you might be interested as well?

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Jan 202010

I played a Classic Daily in MTGO for the first time in a while. Went with Belcher, as it is still the only deck I have built. 1st Round against Ad-Nauseum Tendrils, he fizzles on his Tendrils game one and I blow my belcher up in his face. Game 2, he lays a land and I blow my belcher up in his face. The next two rounds crucified me. Round 2 he Oaths for Platinum Angel, I Burning Wish, he counters, no Shattering Spree, I lose. Game 2 I put down a Gargadon, but he stifles it and I go down in flames. Round 3 I face turn 1 chalice for 0 both rounds. No-Land Belcher = Dead Belcher. Ahhh well, I’ll try again some other time.

Link to the decklists, thought I’m in the bottom so my decklist doesn’t show.

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St. Valentines Day, Sleeper Agents, and Acrobaticals? Oh and soccer!

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Feb 212008

I’ll do the soccer bit first. Leg 1 game 1 of the Champions League happened Tuesday and Wednesday. Chelsea tied Olympiakos in Greece 0-0 and Arsenal tied Ac Milan in London 0-0. This is very promising for me and sad for Cassidy because it means Chelsea gets to beat up the Greeks in London and Arsenal has to salvage their game in Milan. Mwhahaha.

Acrobaticals! I’m totally in love with my Chinese Acrobatics class. I’m already planning on increasing my intake of body punishment next semester by adding a Stretching Intensive course and Aerial Conditioning.  My acrobatics teacher says this will basically turn my body into a monster and I’ll be able to do lots of cool things. Already I’m getting better at standing on my hands and what not. Seriously, Circus Center, I totally reccomends it!

Battlestar Galactica is an awesome show! WATCH IT. And play close attention to the Cylon Sleeper agents. They are among us! Right now! Seriously. My life has strange parallels to Helo’s.

And St. Valentine’s day happened! Many of you probably rocked the pillow fight, I decided to abstain this year for a variety of reasons, including timing, and a lack of a pillow. I did have a date though, we went out for dinner and had lots of good conversation and I suspect a lot of fun. It has only become complicated since then however, which is a shame. Who knows… I never seem to. My dating strategy needs to be somet— Hahah Jewel just came up randomly on my iTunes, but the shitty Jewel from that Album she purposefully made bad… Damn you Jewel — something along the lines of being awesome and just letting it happen. My attempts to make anything work on not work never seem to have any effect at all :) I’m totally running out of time to discuss these things… but there’s more to come in the future, I assure you.

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