Late Night Musings On The Desolate One.

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Feb 132010

As Jenny and I were navigating the inner workings of a parking garage earlier today, I got to thinking. If my name was Lucifer, and I was in the business of collecting souls, here’s what I’d do. I’d buy up all the parking places in well placed busy downtown areas of big cities, and offer them up to the needy in exchange for a signature on the dotted line. I’m sure there are days when people get so desperate for parking that they would easily turn over their eternal salvation. Cha ching! Bargain!

Valentine’s Day approaches, and thanks to some early premeditation, I made reservations for Jenny and I at Le Petit Laurent, a fancy french restuarant. How exciting! We also went to the best cupcake in the world (I’d link it if I wasn’t feeling so lazy) and picked up an 18 pack of mini cupcakes in a heartshaped container. 2 of them are shaped like little bunnies!!! Tommorow, in a bid to clean up a little for Valentine’s day, I am going to get a bit of a haircut. I wonder what it is going to feel like to lose a bit of the weight.

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Relevant Metaphors

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Jan 252010

When Jenny left for Utah, I aptly described the separation as rain clouds entering my heart, much like they were entering San Francisco. The longer I’ve employed this metaphor, the more strangely relevant it seems. While she was in Utah, it rained continuously it what had to have been the longest number of consecutive rainy days San Francisco has seen in a long time. On her return, the rain ceased. Then, immdiately after her departure to Minnesota, just as I began to feel lonely, the rain made its quiet maddening return as well. The metaphor works on an even more minute scale that days as well. Earlier today we were chatting on Skype. I decided to go out for some dinner. The moment I leave the house, a freak downpour ensues, completely drenching me. I was shocked and appalled at the timing. Jenny says the forces of nature are trying to tell me something, and I must say I agree. Technically speaking, I’m a trained scientist, and I see no other logical explanation. As I see it, when Jenny returns, it will be drought weather until her next business trip.

On a side note, I managed to make dinner reservations for Valentine’s day a full three weeks early. Fantastical. Now if only I could subdue my radical urge to argue over the validity of every thought, I might become some kind of decent boyfriend. Conceptually shocking!

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Time Alone

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Jan 192010

It is strange how a place can change when one of its primary denizens has nipped off to some distant place. In my case, her shadow seems to linger on the walls looming over me in silence. It doesn’t matter how fun I suspect my boy time will be, the lack of laughter and life in the apartment seems to drain all desire from my soul! I am certainly reminded of my reasons for moving here. Hopefully she remembers her reasons for asking me to stay forever, and returns to me soon.

To while away the hours, I do have work to focus on. Seeing myself referred to in emails as a “Senior Developer” on multiple projects gives me the willies.  However, it is nice to feel like some manner of adult. Especially when a year ago I was beating myself over the head for motivation to apply for graduate education. I’ve come full circle back to the programming career I thought I wanted, and I want it again! Amazingly, in a year’s time I’ve achieved a financial stability unknown to me for 25 years. I now have a structure I can build on for the future, a prospect I’m finding very exciting. As long as I knock my next few projects into oblivion I’ll be doing great.

I respect the frigid blustery rain that has been pelting our small city in such a sinister and purposeful manner. I told my fair lady I wish it not to leave until she returns, as its parting would then coincide with the parting of all the clouds in my heart. Delicious. However, during such inclement weather we must remember to beware all the evil creatures that go seeking empty homes to hide in! We wouldn’t want to have our soul consumed for lack of better preparedness!

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St. Valentines Day, Sleeper Agents, and Acrobaticals? Oh and soccer!

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Feb 212008

I’ll do the soccer bit first. Leg 1 game 1 of the Champions League happened Tuesday and Wednesday. Chelsea tied Olympiakos in Greece 0-0 and Arsenal tied Ac Milan in London 0-0. This is very promising for me and sad for Cassidy because it means Chelsea gets to beat up the Greeks in London and Arsenal has to salvage their game in Milan. Mwhahaha.

Acrobaticals! I’m totally in love with my Chinese Acrobatics class. I’m already planning on increasing my intake of body punishment next semester by adding a Stretching Intensive course and Aerial Conditioning.  My acrobatics teacher says this will basically turn my body into a monster and I’ll be able to do lots of cool things. Already I’m getting better at standing on my hands and what not. Seriously, Circus Center, I totally reccomends it!

Battlestar Galactica is an awesome show! WATCH IT. And play close attention to the Cylon Sleeper agents. They are among us! Right now! Seriously. My life has strange parallels to Helo’s.

And St. Valentine’s day happened! Many of you probably rocked the pillow fight, I decided to abstain this year for a variety of reasons, including timing, and a lack of a pillow. I did have a date though, we went out for dinner and had lots of good conversation and I suspect a lot of fun. It has only become complicated since then however, which is a shame. Who knows… I never seem to. My dating strategy needs to be somet— Hahah Jewel just came up randomly on my iTunes, but the shitty Jewel from that Album she purposefully made bad… Damn you Jewel — something along the lines of being awesome and just letting it happen. My attempts to make anything work on not work never seem to have any effect at all :) I’m totally running out of time to discuss these things… but there’s more to come in the future, I assure you.

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