Happy Birthday Melanie!

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Feb 032010

The other day, February 1st, was my little sister Melanie’s 15th birthday. Jenny was nice enough to let herself be easily convinced on the subject, and we drove up to take part in the celebration. It’s always fun spending time with Jenny and my family simultaneously. Poor Jenny is not used to the large family dynamic. When you are one child with multiple parents, its easy to be heard. When you are one of five children you learn how to make yourself heard. Some would say my skills at being heard are without equal. Especially our upstairs neighbors, when I’m running round the house singing a naughty version of “Defying Gravity” from Wicked. Poor Jenny has trouble making herself heard at the kitchen table. Her family is so well mannered and respectful, they make our bunch look like a pack of hooligans. But the comparison is nice. It can be nice to be proper and groomed from time to time, but being loud, obnoxious and rude isn’t so bad either!

Jenny is good for me. Very good. She helps me be more generous, more grateful, more attentive, more caring, and better brother/friend. Take Melanie’s birthday present. Jenny made sure we had a really nice gift in hand to present to her, and the smile on Mellie’s face reflected that effort. I love my siblings alot, but its nice to have Jenny’s help being nicer to them! They deserve it! Valentine’s day is coming up, and I’m hoping to make it a special day. I made absolutely sure to make early reservations for a nice french restaurant, and now I’m ruminating over her nifty gifty. What should I get her?

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Relevant Metaphors

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Jan 252010

When Jenny left for Utah, I aptly described the separation as rain clouds entering my heart, much like they were entering San Francisco. The longer I’ve employed this metaphor, the more strangely relevant it seems. While she was in Utah, it rained continuously it what had to have been the longest number of consecutive rainy days San Francisco has seen in a long time. On her return, the rain ceased. Then, immdiately after her departure to Minnesota, just as I began to feel lonely, the rain made its quiet maddening return as well. The metaphor works on an even more minute scale that days as well. Earlier today we were chatting on Skype. I decided to go out for some dinner. The moment I leave the house, a freak downpour ensues, completely drenching me. I was shocked and appalled at the timing. Jenny says the forces of nature are trying to tell me something, and I must say I agree. Technically speaking, I’m a trained scientist, and I see no other logical explanation. As I see it, when Jenny returns, it will be drought weather until her next business trip.

On a side note, I managed to make dinner reservations for Valentine’s day a full three weeks early. Fantastical. Now if only I could subdue my radical urge to argue over the validity of every thought, I might become some kind of decent boyfriend. Conceptually shocking!

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Time Alone

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Jan 192010

It is strange how a place can change when one of its primary denizens has nipped off to some distant place. In my case, her shadow seems to linger on the walls looming over me in silence. It doesn’t matter how fun I suspect my boy time will be, the lack of laughter and life in the apartment seems to drain all desire from my soul! I am certainly reminded of my reasons for moving here. Hopefully she remembers her reasons for asking me to stay forever, and returns to me soon.

To while away the hours, I do have work to focus on. Seeing myself referred to in emails as a “Senior Developer” on multiple projects gives me the willies.  However, it is nice to feel like some manner of adult. Especially when a year ago I was beating myself over the head for motivation to apply for graduate education. I’ve come full circle back to the programming career I thought I wanted, and I want it again! Amazingly, in a year’s time I’ve achieved a financial stability unknown to me for 25 years. I now have a structure I can build on for the future, a prospect I’m finding very exciting. As long as I knock my next few projects into oblivion I’ll be doing great.

I respect the frigid blustery rain that has been pelting our small city in such a sinister and purposeful manner. I told my fair lady I wish it not to leave until she returns, as its parting would then coincide with the parting of all the clouds in my heart. Delicious. However, during such inclement weather we must remember to beware all the evil creatures that go seeking empty homes to hide in! We wouldn’t want to have our soul consumed for lack of better preparedness!

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Happy New Year

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Dec 312008

Quick writings while I wait for ‘da boys.’

I’m totally paying off my Credit Card tomorrow. I made over $200 twice in a row at work, meaning I am a month ahead of schedule. Huzzah!

Bones, the show, is retarded.

Legend of the Seeker, the show, is retarded.

Matt was able to hang for one late night yesterday. We stayed up until the wee hours a’gigglin. Miss that feller something terrible.

2 Ben & Jerries pints for $7 is rediculously broken.

http://www.failblog.com = Hilarious

Cassidy announced to me last night that he has perfected his ‘mexican butt tackle’ sex maneuver. True story.

I will be writing a whole host of New Year’s resolutions in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Maybe should have gone to the BaGG New Year’s party tonight but SOMEBODY didn’t tell me they were going until a few hours ago; SOMEBODY is slightly excused however, because she totally seduced for the win yesterday. Instead I’m rolling with ‘da boys’ tonight, to some sort of schindiggery in San Rafael. Jessica and I both have to open Harvey’s tomorrow, a punishment created for us by us because we are the least hungover. Win.

See you all next year!

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Come let us sing the sailor song!

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Dec 282008

Sailing, sailing, jumping off the railing!
Drinking, drinking ’till the ship is sinking!
Gambling, stealing, lots of sex-appealing!
Come, let us sing the sailor-song…

Well not quite, but you get the general idea. After soccer today, Nick suggested we take his boat out… so we did! Used Pete’s 1960 Thunderbird to do the travelling, and every single tourist in Sausalito took a photo of us cruising. The bay was cold and the wind was scanty, but we cruised to Angel Island, roasted some sausages, shared some pumpkin bread from my mother, and generally had a swell time. We took some very hot pictures, including some of me being awesome savior of the day tillar man. Enjoy!

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I left my pie on the tortoise tank….

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Dec 262008

… So no Christmas dessert for me. I suppose it saves me a few extra Christmas pounds, probably to the chagrin of my grandmothers who both claim I am lacking in that department. It isn’t like I don’t try or anything. I eat plenty. For breakfast I ate something around 7 cinnamon rolls. Mostly because I was messing with my brother and I was determined to eat every delicious roll my brother selected and placed on his plate (though I did give Jenn one) . It took him 7 tries throughout breakfast before he realized he could not counter my subterfuge; He elected to grab one and stuff the whole thing in his mouth. I win?

People often have trouble understanding the dynamic that exists in our family. Especially at holidays. We talk nasty. Christmas breakfast discussion was kind of like a round robin event. Every had their chance to be singled out and embarassed. For example: When we discussed my mother, we mimed her proposed fisting methods and talked about her love of scissoring. We pointed out Melanie’s whorey attitude towards anyone who might tickle her, labeling her the tickle tramp.  We discussed Nate’s family record loss of virginity. You’ll never know what was said about me, so don’t ask.  We had so much fun. When I left last night, my mom told me that she always looks forward to the six of us eating together, essentially they are the best parts of her year. But it gets better. I may be the most outwardly dirty person in our group of six, but I am definitely not the winner in our family at large. That honor is split amongst my mother’s sisters. Even when I’m in top form, they are skilled enough to turn me red in a single moment. This is good though. Sterile families can be so boring.

It was a pretty light Christmas from every angle. Nobody has the monies! I purchased presents for everyone from Threadless, but they didn’t arrive till 6pm Christmas Eve, long after my sister and I had tired of waiting and left. They’ll have to be given out later. I did buy myself the most amazing Cerberus hoodie. It is so awesome, albeit a little on the thin side. Whatevs! Jenn and I went and visited with my dad’s side on Christmas eve. St. Nick smiled on us and we did not encounter my father, so the evening was a smashing success. I’ve only met my nephew Jarred 3 times in the course of 8 years, so I spent a while letting him beat me at Madden on the Wii. Christmas day was spent as I discussed before, at my mother’s house. We had plenty of fun. Dinner was spent at my aunt’s and then I left before dessert so I could catch the right bus. Dessert was tagged and bagged for me, but it didn’t make it past the tortoise. Too many hugs and goodbyes. All in all, a very nice Christmas.

As a sort of assistance to my sister, and her Christmas present / payback for Eddie Izzard, I’ve arranged with my sister for the building of a bicycle. She has a boy who runs a bike shop, and well. She’s going to get him to help. so hurrah for that. But mostly importantly, this bicycle relates to a sort of epiphany we had together driving towards Healdsburg. I was telling her how I wish i had a car at times, because all my free time would be well spent camping and hiking. And then she hit me with the bomb: Why not go bike camping? My response was a confused lightbulb sort of exclamation. Is that even possible? How do I do it? Smack the flux capacitor and gun it to 88?  Duh! I can’t believe I never before considered using a bicycle to go camping. There are so many great spots in the area. Well, as soon as I get up to speed on bicycle riding, I’m going to do it. Rain or shine!

Merry Christmas everybodies!

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Nom Nom Nom?

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Dec 232008

I don’t know if this is really the sort of thing to be blogged about. But it’s sort of fascinating. So the Cheeblies (finches) passed. And because it was raining, I just wrapped them each in a paper towel, left them in the cage, and covered the whole cage with a blanket. I was going to bury them at a later date when it wasn’t raining. This morning, I found feathers scattered all over the floor in the living room. I checked the cage, no mas bird bodies. APPARENTLY, the gliders got their grubby little hands on the towel edges, pulled them to the bars, fished out the finch bodies, yanked them through the bars, and then proceeded to run rampant through the house with them. Now is the time we found out whether gliders are more similar to cats or ferrets. Ferrets hide their treasure. Cats leave you presents. Gliders….? I would be horrified right now if I wasn’t so shocked and amused at their tenacity and my naivete. I’m going to have to watch them tonight and see if they try to start round two of the finch party.

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For the Cheeblies (RIP)

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Dec 222008

First and foremost, it is my unhappy duty to report that the Cheeblies (the Zebra finch pair) past away yesterday evening. The circumstances are curious and difficult to believe. They were fine when I put them to bed the previous night, and certainly alive before Cassidy and I went to the Arsenal game on Sunday. We came home, and the smaller cheeb was dead, while the other cheeb was convulsing. They were side by side in the food bowl. Perhaps there was some foreign agent in the food. I’m going to go out and bury them tonight. Their friendly chirping will be missed. It’s shocking to me, but I have no pictures with which to commemorate them. I hate taking pictures through cage bars though, which probably explains why I never bothered. Bye cheebs! We miss you!

Moving forward, the Chelsea game was a heartbreaker. John Terry received a straight red card and had to walk. No hard feelings here, he could have hurt that boy; However, it took a game we were commanding and turned it into a bit of a struggle. We’ve missed yet another opportunity to take the lead in the league, and it will probably be the last chance we get for some time.

I finally got around to uploading all the pictures I’ve taken in 2008 thus far. Scanty few compared to 2007. I’ll link a few here at the bottom. Thats it for now from me!

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New web technology abounds!

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Dec 202008

I spent a grinding day at my computer table fixing all the blog bits that had fallen into disrepair from my laziness! Fiiiiiiinally. And then I took it a step further, and upgraded everything. Seriously! We are now Twitter enhanced…. every post gets ‘tweeted’,  twittered onto Facebook. Additionally, every post now gets crossposted to Myspace, Tribe, and Livejournal. Hax indeed! I have achieved social networking saturation  like I never thought was possible. Deliciously annoying. I sped up the website significantly as well using all sorts of caching bits. Load times finally feel somewhat acceptable.  We’ll see how it goes. This little blog is basically a test of the system. I’m too tired to have any rational thought…

Although, I did have some goat curry from the indian place around the corner, and it was yummy. I’ll totally be ordering that again and again.

The next several days are going to be terribly busy I suspect. Christmas time always throws me for a big loop. There’s soccer to be watched and played, important persons driving into town, grandparents to be seen, dinner to be had with sides of the family I haven’t had dinner with in ages. We’ll see how it goes. I promise I will be writing alot more now that everything is squared away, and so much more fun and accessible! Huzzah!

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Feelin Spicy…

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Dec 062008

It’s true! I spent the majority of last night making dick & head shaped cookies with Tanith. A little project that we will hopefully finish tommorow. But tonight, 2 swell events! Going with the boys to the end of the year soccer party, then moving on solo to Tanith’s Bday event. I’m feeling good things about tonight, and next weekend as well… maybe iz because Chelsea won their 11th away game in a row and set a new record? Awesome sauce.

Funde Razor is on Wednesday. i suspect I’ll be making an ass of myself at Rock Band.

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