Jul 082010

I grabbed a bunch of the albums off of my “to get” list today, and I’m pretty excited.

#1 Veil Veil Vanish – Change in the Neon Light- I kept hearing songs by these guys on http://www.gothradio.com and then I saw some flyers around the city advertising shows. Apparently they are locals! I don’t mind supporting a local band in the slightest, so I’m going to have to find my way to a show. The song “Modern Lust” is my favorite. I like to dance around the house singing “I can’t dance alone; I can’t dance with nooo-ferties.” The ferties usually spend this time fleeing in terror. They don’t care for dances with me.

#2 Tearwave – Different Shade of Beauty – I’ve only heard one song by Tearwave, but that’s enough for me. They covered one of my all time favorite songs, “Under the Milky Way”, and it sounds really beautiful. The singer has a soft female voice. I’m very curious about what the rest of the album sounds like, you never know when you take the leap of faith on a cover.

#3 Specimen – Electric Ballroom – It’s strange how music can walk you through history. Whenever I start listening to a new band, I like to learn their story. Specimen isn’t a new band in any sense of the word. Apparently they invented goth. Like seriously invented it. Back in 1982, the members of Specimen opened up a club they called The Batcave to support their desire to wear outlandish clothes, and listen to glam, new wave, and electronica. The club’s slogan was “blasphemy, lechery, and blood.” Awesome. With that context in mind, listening to Electric Ballroom is pretty amazing. They made the album in 2007, 25 years after their creation of the Bat Cave. It commemorates the different paths they’ve all taken and the different people they’ve crossed paths with. I really really like it. Especially the song “Nothing Lasts Forever”, because I imagine it says exactly how they feel about the state of the culture they created today… “wonderland will never be the same.”

#4 IAMX – The Alternative – This is the middle IAMX album, but I really like the song “Spit It Out”. The other two albums seem equally as good, but I haven’t spent as much time on them. IAMX is actually a solo project by Chris Corner. You may not recognize the name, but you know the history. He founded the Sneaker Pimps back in the nineties, and wrote the song “Six Underground,” which was a huge hit. I certainly remember buying that album at Sam Goody’s and being super stoked. I’m glad to see he is still making good music.

That’s it for now. If you end up listening to any of these bands and liking them, let me know!

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