Up Mount Doom (or Diablo)

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Jul 272010

The other day Derek and I decided we’d scale Mount Diablo (hereafter referred to as Mt. Doom) so that we might destroy this so called ‘Ring of Power.’ 6 miles up and 6 miles down. APPARENTLY my body was not prepared for any such nonsense. It took a much larger toll on me than the trip we took last year into the Desolation Wilderness.  Working on my ass 40 hours a week definitely doesn’t lend itself to physical fitness. But that is why we go on big hikes and what not!

Mount Diablo = Mount Doom

Quite the view.

It was goddamned bright up on top of Mt. Doom, that’s for sure. But it was nice to get a 360 view of Northern California. Nothing quite like it.


During the trip down the mountain (after we destroyed the ring obviously), we had some interesting occurrences. Derek and I brushed up against some nasty poison oak, and he promptly suggested we dump all our cold water on the contact points (we were near enough to a camping ground to get fresh water). He claims he read on the poison oak wiki that immediate cold water can prevent the oil from inflaming the skin. It’s been 5 days and there hasn’t been a single bit of rash so I’d say it was a complete success.  We also took a crazy steep path down the mountain. It was so steep, I shambled down a fair portion of the trail sideways and ended up with a big ole blister on my outer heal.

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Musical Expansion July 2010

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Jul 082010

I grabbed a bunch of the albums off of my “to get” list today, and I’m pretty excited.

#1 Veil Veil Vanish – Change in the Neon Light- I kept hearing songs by these guys on http://www.gothradio.com and then I saw some flyers around the city advertising shows. Apparently they are locals! I don’t mind supporting a local band in the slightest, so I’m going to have to find my way to a show. The song “Modern Lust” is my favorite. I like to dance around the house singing “I can’t dance alone; I can’t dance with nooo-ferties.” The ferties usually spend this time fleeing in terror. They don’t care for dances with me.

#2 Tearwave – Different Shade of Beauty – I’ve only heard one song by Tearwave, but that’s enough for me. They covered one of my all time favorite songs, “Under the Milky Way”, and it sounds really beautiful. The singer has a soft female voice. I’m very curious about what the rest of the album sounds like, you never know when you take the leap of faith on a cover.

#3 Specimen – Electric Ballroom – It’s strange how music can walk you through history. Whenever I start listening to a new band, I like to learn their story. Specimen isn’t a new band in any sense of the word. Apparently they invented goth. Like seriously invented it. Back in 1982, the members of Specimen opened up a club they called The Batcave to support their desire to wear outlandish clothes, and listen to glam, new wave, and electronica. The club’s slogan was “blasphemy, lechery, and blood.” Awesome. With that context in mind, listening to Electric Ballroom is pretty amazing. They made the album in 2007, 25 years after their creation of the Bat Cave. It commemorates the different paths they’ve all taken and the different people they’ve crossed paths with. I really really like it. Especially the song “Nothing Lasts Forever”, because I imagine it says exactly how they feel about the state of the culture they created today… “wonderland will never be the same.”

#4 IAMX – The Alternative – This is the middle IAMX album, but I really like the song “Spit It Out”. The other two albums seem equally as good, but I haven’t spent as much time on them. IAMX is actually a solo project by Chris Corner. You may not recognize the name, but you know the history. He founded the Sneaker Pimps back in the nineties, and wrote the song “Six Underground,” which was a huge hit. I certainly remember buying that album at Sam Goody’s and being super stoked. I’m glad to see he is still making good music.

That’s it for now. If you end up listening to any of these bands and liking them, let me know!

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Samson 2010 (A Germany v Spain Worldcup Special)

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Jul 072010

In honor of the pending uber match between my favorite team Germany and the tournament favorites Spain, I would like to discuss a specific player…. Fernando Torres of course!

I may have talked about him before, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate… Fernando Torres is a 26 year old striker that is pretty much all hotness on the ball and off. He plays for Liverpool right now, and all of us Chelsea fans have been considering the prospect of Fernando Torres being purchased by our team. I think it would work. He’s damned good. But I’m straying. To the point, Torres has been unable to perform at this world cup thus far, having scored 0 goals in South Africa.  I know why. Did you ever hear the biblical story of Samson and Delilah when you were a kid? I did. Basically, Samson is an invincible bad ass, and god tells him that won’t change until he cuts his flowy locks. Delilah comes in, mindfucks the shit out of Samson, off goes the hair, and boom; No more super powers

Now take a look at Fernando Torres:

Pre World Cup 2010 Fernando Torres

World Cup 2010 Fernando Torres


Fernando Torres made the mistake of removing his beautiful locks, and in doing so broke the hearts of myself, ladies + gays everywhere, and god himself. Punishment has been swift as well. Zero goals for one of the most prolific strikers in the world. Let this be a lesson to you FERNANDO! Do not give yourself such a hideous hack job haircut right before the biggest competition of your life.  This is sound advice for anyone really. Look what has happened to Tiger since he ceased skanking it up and fibbing about it! Burn!

Anyways, here is hoping that Germany beats Spain in the World Cup. As long as Torres doesn’t put a blond wig on I think we should be safe from him at the very least. If he does get transfered back to Chelsea, here better grow his god damned hair back out. Just saying.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

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Jul 042010
  • Anyone have experience with a soldering iron? I've never done it, but tis likely I need to employ one on some new capacitors for the TV! #
  • The circuit board is out of the tv and IS the capacitors. Now I just need to buy some new ones and a soldering iron. #
  • I totally fixed the Tv. Nerd joy aboundeth! #
  • Fuck yeah Germany! Well done! Klose has 2 games now to score 2 goals and break the all time World Cup goal scoring record!!!! #ger #
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Saving Sam

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Jul 032010

The other day the Samsung TV in the bedroom decided to bork. I guess Samsung decided that their 2005-2007 TV’s would have bad capacitors inside, causing them to fade away prematurely. Thank god for the internet, I had that shit diagnosed within 10 minutes. Apparently, rather than buy a new TV, I just had to tear the sucker open, remove the bad capacitors, and pop in new ones with a soldering iron. Easy enough right? I’d never soldered a damn thing in my life but I’m not one to shy away from tech stuff. Usually I figure it out or I kill myself (I’m still here weeeee).

So I unscrew the 18 screws that hold the back on the TV and I totally see it:There, in the group of a capacitors, were the 3 busted top capacitors leaking the black electrolytic fluid. Assholes!!!!! So it’s on. I’m going to go to radio shack, grab some bits and nubbins including a new soldering iron, and hopefully make this happen. The only potential cost really is screwing up the tv’s motherboard (do we call them motherboards in a tv?). Apparently these cost $120 new, so I guess no matter what I’m not going to be buying a new TV.

So off I went to radioshack (I apologize for the changing perspective, I can’t seem to commit to a specific one tonight) and spent a good 30 minutes pouring over their soldering supplies. I end up selecting a 15-Watt soldering Iron, a 45-Watt Desoldering Iron w/Bulb, an iron holder with a sponge, some thin silver solder, a mini wire cutter, and 3 1000um 25 watt (I think) new capacitors. If you are reading this and you need to replicate the procedure, email me and I will give you the correct part numbers. Some total cost of parts: $54.00.

I take my bag of parts home and get set up. The situation is a little janky because I didn’t have any clamps or appropriate soldering station gear. I read on the web that you want to secure the board you are working on, and raise it, so I employed a box and several full bottles of pasta sauce and curry from the cupboard. They have a nice wait and I imagine they will be immune  to any hot solder bits that could potential fly their way.

I made sure to map out exactly where I was supposed to be soldering on the circuit board. The back of those things just appears like a complicated jigsaw of little metal bits if you aren’t used to the appearance. I also remembered to take note of the negative orientation, something that could have endangered the whole mission had I forgotten.

The de-soldering effort was a little confusing first. I couldn’t seem to tell if all the solder had been removed and it was time to pluck out the capacitor. Eventually I realized that once they start wiggling it time to pull them out. Getting all three bad capacitors wiggled out felt like a massive accomplishment.  I was then able to plug in the three new capacitors like you see on the left. I secured them with tape and prepared all the soldering apparatus for the moment which made me nervous.

The soldering itself, in theory, wasn’t such a big deal. The soldering iron has a > tip, and the key to use the side of the tip, not the point. I took the angled side of the soldering tip and applied it to the area of the circuit board where the capacitor lead meet the holes in the board for 20 – 30 seconds. Once fully heated, I took the soldering wire at lowered it onto the soldering iron (not the hole). The soldering iron melted the solder instantly, and basically formed a pool that surrounded and enveloped the whole in the circuit board. The first join I soldered made me pretty nervous, but right away the process began to make sense and I made pretty short work of the remaining joints. By the end of the effort, I had already begun to feel like a pro. 

At the end I checked all the joints and they felt solid. So I looked at the pictures I took of the circuit board before I removed it and was able to quickly reattach all the cords and wires to their proper areas on the circuit board. 10 zillion screws later and I had the TV looking as good as new, though the big step would be turning the beast on and surviving the explosion that would follow.  When I finally had the TV back in its proper place, I was pretty nervous about turning it on. Had I really just saved $500-$1000? Sure didn’t feel like it, that was simple! Too simple? Well, I did save myself the money. Booyah. The minute I plugged the TV back on it snapped to attention and powered up like a good little Samsung should. The taste of victory was sweet. Technical empowerment! I put the soldering iron away in a box and swore to myself that it would be a goal of mine to use it for good at least once more in this lifetime, but who knows…. I’ve always told myself that circuit boarding would be something I’d enjoy and lo and behold it really was. I’d love to do it again. Maybe I need a book on the subject.

So now I find myself in bed watching this newly fixed TV (From Russia With Love), and the sense of pride remains still. I can fix shit!

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