Happy Pride!

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Jun 302010

It was Gay Pride in San Francisco over the past weekend and my old manager Steve asked me to come in and work a shift at the door of Harvey’s. I’m glad I did. I enjoyed at least a half-million hugs as the evening progressed from old co-workers and past regulars alike. Its nice to return to a place and see how well liked you were in times past. I do miss working in a restaurant some. The fast pace and high energy nature of the job provide a workout that can be difficult and time consuming to replicate I’ve discovered. I miss the constant social interaction as well. After being forced to talk to random people 8 hours a day for 9 years, I’ve gotten pretty used to it.

I took a picture of Castro street on Sunday night, but my Blackberry is being a wanker and refusing to send the photo to my email. The damnable device is now sitting on my lap in a state of dysfunction. Removing the battery is the eternal cure all!

As I worked and contemplated, I did come to remember why I was totally done with restaurant work. I hate the invisible lines of power that everyone pulls on. Being treated like a person of inferior station by a ragingly annoying queen gets old fast. Making sure that you have 20 different little sauce containers so that you triple your calorie intake during dinner rather than double it? Yeah, that’s pretty dumb too. Listening to you make an obvious joke about the check is mega lame. You are the 10^9 +1th person to think of that joke, and it wasn’t funny the first time. In my new job I’m often viewed as a skilled and competent programming expert, which I find both thrilling and shocking at the same time. Respect was always much harder to earn in the food service world, and often dearly paid for. I don’t miss that…Pride 2010

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

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Jun 272010
  • Come on Ozil, we just need a goal! #worldcup #deutschland #
  • Can I re-tweet myself? Ozil totally just scored. Total pwnage! #worldcup #ger #
  • Too much sexy football on the television. Who do we cheer for? APPARENTLY it is Fernando Torres or death. #
  • Ghana is all width and muscle against us. Hopefully half time will bring some tactical changes worth a damn! #
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Jun 262010

It’s been a pretty fantastic week for the world cup, if you’ve been watching like I have. Hardly missed a game this week. Highlights were seeing Slovakia put the hammer down on Italy. The Italians just lacked the hunger this time around, and Cannavarro was probably one of the worst defenders to show up in South Africa. Experience < 36 Years of Age. The two free kick goals from Japan were incredible, and they proved that the Jabulani is still a somewhat decent ball. It just needs the right touch. Finally, thank god for Germany making it through the group, they began to scare me. It’s a shame Schweinsteiger got himself hurt. That’s going to show against England most likely. But we’ll see….

I’ve begun going to the gym at UCSF. It’s a little on the expensive side, but there is a lot of room to grow there. They have a nice pool if I feel like swimming again, there is indoor soccer, racquetball for Cassidy and I to play, and the machines are nice. My routine thus far has been to use the elliptical machine for 20+ minutes (increasing that number by a minute every trip until I get up to speed), and then circuit through all the machines. I feel like my upper body is the most out of shape, so that is where I’m targeting most of my efforts. We’ll see, I’d like to return to the acrobatic days where I had the strength to walk on my hands and do a bazillion pull ups. I’m trying to match the physical effort with some strong dietary efforts: max protein all the time! That has translated into egg white omelets, salmon breast dinners, and powdery supplements in my Jamba Juice. It’s a little much, but my research indicates that without the protein a lot of the effort in the gym goes to waste. I’ve done the workout thing before without the best results, so I really want to maximize every possible avenue of enhancement.

On a completely separate note, I’ve been playing some decent MTGO (Magic: The Gathering Online) lately. Draft wise, I’ve done quite a few lately, and though I lost about 10 drafts in a row at first, I’ve had better success with Rise of the Eldrazi drafts. I’m actually in one as we speak. I’m playing Green/Red and splashing white. I wish my curve was a little better, because it turns out I’m pretty vulnerable to faster decks, but once I get going I do alright. I haven’t had a nice picture of a draft format like I do since Ravnica, and that was ages ago! Update, I conceded my final match even though I had it won, I feel like my foil Gideon Jura ($$$) was prize enough, and the fellow seemed pleasant enough. I need more practice yet. I made a lot of game play mistakes, even though my deck was solid.

Tomorrow the USA plays Ghana and I’m amped. For the first time in a long time I’m actually somewhat behind the USA team. Hooray USA team!  I’d better get some sleep, the soccer starts early!

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

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Jun 202010
  • Hi I'm Marcello Lippi! My tactics are stale and my player selections are completely unimaginative! Watch me fail! #worldcup #
  • Started the whole gym process again. This time at UCSF. Now I've got pains in my body and my wallet. But they do have a pool… #
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Jun 192010

I’m starting to reconstruct my blog history. After the tragic database problems I had a year ago, it has really taken me forever to start this project. Basically, I have all the cache files for every single blog post I made from 2007-2010. I’m now working to copy and paste every single post into this blog. I don’t think it will take soooo long. I’ve already done 2007, just 2008 and 2009 to go.

On another note, I imported all my old Livejournal posts, so now this blog basically contains every journalistic writing I’ve ever created. Sadly, after perusing lots of what I wrote long time ago days, that may not really be a good thing 🙂

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-07

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Jun 072010
  • This product list is made of people bits! I bet there is some kind of Lovecraftian surgeon scientist among the staff with dark designs… #
  • Finally out of New Jersey. Home to San Francisco for more than a week as well!!! #
  • Best thing about the airport in Charlotte is the JambaJuice! Yum! #
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