May 162010

Leave home for a while and you can realize how much there is to like at home. I was forced to leave home this week for a town called Harrisburg in the state of Pennsylvania. So let me to tell you, I miss my city.

Some people are forced to travel and leave behind their kids and whatever. Screw them. I have two adorable little ferret girls at home. They are each about three months old, and they are perhaps the sweetest, most ridiculous, most cuddly carpet monsters to ever prance across the earth. Yes, they certainly prance.

I also leave behind two monstrous little sugar gliders. Zara, the newest part of our family, is desperate to bond and make friends, which I cannot do on the eastern side of things. I long to put her in my pocket and let her sleep awhile. Have you ever let two sugar glider sleep in your pocketses? It’s pretty magical. Especially when they attempt to ‘go rogue’ and escape into the bowels of the living room couch.

Worst of all, I leave my girl behind. She is the one who supports me at every turn, through every trial, and she keeps me honest by never letting me hide from the little lies I tell myself. We’ve been together now for what will soon be a year and a half, and this is the first time I’ve left her behind. She’s usually the one to leave me! I think sometimes it’s better to be left than to do the leaving. When I get left, I keep the TV,  I keep the kitchen, I keep the pets, I keep the comfy comfy bed. Now I’m stuck with the Harrisburg rain, the crappy Ruby Tuesdays that delivers to my hotel, and the unlimited shower water that lures me into lengthy water wasting depravity. Damn you hotellllll!

Four more nights. Four nights and I get to sleep in my own bed, with my own lady, and a few cuddles on the side from my ferrets and gliders. I can’t wait one bit.

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