Blood & Boobies

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Apr 182010

Dear Starz,

I find your sensuality, brutality, and violence invigorating rather than disturbing. The season finale to Spartacus: Blood & Sand was completely awesome. I’m very pleased that so many main characters were dispatched so handily. I do find it a bit strange that all the risen slaves would leave the gates without going to grab a little money first, or maybe some supplies. But I suppose for dramatic effect it is okay for all of them to go charging out of the villa and on to next season. Jenny scoffed at me when I said this Spartacus finale totally outshone the finale of True Blood…. But it is true! True Blood may be the better show in terms of story, writing, acting, and even violence. But considering finale effect alone, the Spartacus blood bath was awesome. I think the sword through Lucy Lawless’ unborn baby was a moment that really pushed on the boundaries of thematic brutality. It was very appropriate. I’m very much looking forward to another season, so here’s hoping the main character’s health problems aren’t so very severe…. but that sounds selfish… I hope they aren’t severe so that he can life a happy and healthy life. Another good season of Spartacus would be the icing on the cake!



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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-12

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Apr 112010
  • Data Mapping Data Mapping Data Mapping Data Mapping Data Mapping Data Mapping Data Mapping Data Mapping…. It's that kind of day! #
  • I'm officially done with iTunes. Stupid alert noise nonsense. My system sounds are none of Apples god damned business. Henceforth, FOOBAR! #
  • Sad day 🙁 #
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