Late Night Musings On The Desolate One.

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Feb 132010

As Jenny and I were navigating the inner workings of a parking garage earlier today, I got to thinking. If my name was Lucifer, and I was in the business of collecting souls, here’s what I’d do. I’d buy up all the parking places in well placed busy downtown areas of big cities, and offer them up to the needy in exchange for a signature on the dotted line. I’m sure there are days when people get so desperate for parking that they would easily turn over their eternal salvation. Cha ching! Bargain!

Valentine’s Day approaches, and thanks to some early premeditation, I made reservations for Jenny and I at Le Petit Laurent, a fancy french restuarant. How exciting! We also went to the best cupcake in the world (I’d link it if I wasn’t feeling so lazy) and picked up an 18 pack of mini cupcakes in a heartshaped container. 2 of them are shaped like little bunnies!!! Tommorow, in a bid to clean up a little for Valentine’s day, I am going to get a bit of a haircut. I wonder what it is going to feel like to lose a bit of the weight.

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Happy Birthday Melanie!

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Feb 032010

The other day, February 1st, was my little sister Melanie’s 15th birthday. Jenny was nice enough to let herself be easily convinced on the subject, and we drove up to take part in the celebration. It’s always fun spending time with Jenny and my family simultaneously. Poor Jenny is not used to the large family dynamic. When you are one child with multiple parents, its easy to be heard. When you are one of five children you learn how to make yourself heard. Some would say my skills at being heard are without equal. Especially our upstairs neighbors, when I’m running round the house singing a naughty version of “Defying Gravity” from Wicked. Poor Jenny has trouble making herself heard at the kitchen table. Her family is so well mannered and respectful, they make our bunch look like a pack of hooligans. But the comparison is nice. It can be nice to be proper and groomed from time to time, but being loud, obnoxious and rude isn’t so bad either!

Jenny is good for me. Very good. She helps me be more generous, more grateful, more attentive, more caring, and better brother/friend. Take Melanie’s birthday present. Jenny made sure we had a really nice gift in hand to present to her, and the smile on Mellie’s face reflected that effort. I love my siblings alot, but its nice to have Jenny’s help being nicer to them! They deserve it! Valentine’s day is coming up, and I’m hoping to make it a special day. I made absolutely sure to make early reservations for a nice french restaurant, and now I’m ruminating over her nifty gifty. What should I get her?

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