Jan 252010

When Jenny left for Utah, I aptly described the separation as rain clouds entering my heart, much like they were entering San Francisco. The longer I’ve employed this metaphor, the more strangely relevant it seems. While she was in Utah, it rained continuously it what had to have been the longest number of consecutive rainy days San Francisco has seen in a long time. On her return, the rain ceased. Then, immdiately after her departure to Minnesota, just as I began to feel lonely, the rain made its quiet maddening return as well. The metaphor works on an even more minute scale that days as well. Earlier today we were chatting on Skype. I decided to go out for some dinner. The moment I leave the house, a freak downpour ensues, completely drenching me. I was shocked and appalled at the timing. Jenny says the forces of nature are trying to tell me something, and I must say I agree. Technically speaking, I’m a trained scientist, and I see no other logical explanation. As I see it, when Jenny returns, it will be drought weather until her next business trip.

On a side note, I managed to make dinner reservations for Valentine’s day a full three weeks early. Fantastical. Now if only I could subdue my radical urge to argue over the validity of every thought, I might become some kind of decent boyfriend. Conceptually shocking!

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