Jan 192010

At the behest of my lovely girlfriend, my writing has begun again. My wordpress blog self destructed somehow during the 8 month period where I ignored it. I will probably spend a good deal of my time rebuilding it. Sadly, I’ve returned to discover that the Gallery-Wordpress integration isn’t exactly possible these days. Promises of a bright future exist, but who knows how long that could actually take. I think I’ll spend most of my efforts on content and framework for now, and integrate gallery3 when it’s good and ready to be integrated.

When confronted by Jenny with the option of Blogger or WordPress, I found myself faltering. How easy would it be to build a blogspot bloggity blogger and never have it die. Ever. I’d never need to try and make it do the things I constantly try to make wordpress do. But I’m afraid I would miss something. I love crafting my website into the acceptable thought portal I see in my imagination. It feels me with pride to tackle such concepts as Archive pages and fast loading gallery’s with my own discerning eye for well written code. I think we found a compromise. I started a blogger bloggity blogspot, but I post to it via a crossposter linked into my WordPress blog. Success for technolgy. Hopefully we are both getting the things we need this way.

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