Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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Feb 162009

It’s actually February 16th at this point, way beyond St. Valentine’s day proper, but the sentiment still remains! I’ve continued to be incredibly silent on the blogging front for a rather long long time. This is partly due to laziness, and partly do to the fact that all news-worthy news centers around my new girlfriend, who refuses to be talked about in blogs. But I’m throwing off her yoke of censorship and tyranny for a short time to express my holiday feelings! I HAD AN AWESOME ST. VALENTINE’s DAY! I said it! There was a picnic with cucumber sandwhiches, spinach dip, and a bottle of juice that exploded all over me.  Later she took me to see the live version of Cinematic Titanic, a newer incarnation of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Phenomenal. We had the greatest time.  Jenny is basically the coolest girlfriend of all time, and she knows it too. I was just telling her earlier this evening that she’s returned all kinds of inspiration to me. I’m taking pictures again. I’m cooker more than ever. Soccer is more exciting to me than its been for a while. Work isn’t so bad when she texts me. I think I will stop there for now, but I hope there will be plenty more to write about in the future. And maybe some pictures too!

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