Jan 182009

I dropped the ball after new years. I had swore to myself I would continue to write, but a passing whirlwind grabbed hold of me and still hasn’t quite let go. I’m beginning to find my feet again however. The whirlwind, which has been confirmed to not be passing, has told me I’m not allowed to talk about her in this blog yet. So you won’t hear about her here. Sorry!

Derek, Cassidy and I had another amazing dinner at Goemon’s the other night. We ate lots, they all drank lots, and plenty of talk was had. Goemon’s is indeed the best sushi restaurant in existence. We always feel at home and welcomed there, the sushi is great, the specials are usually good, and the more you order, the more the free goodies begin to pile up. Its also very important to have a boys night now and again. Especially when things are so dramatic! I seem to have lost my words… more later!

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