Dec 312008

Quick writings while I wait for ‘da boys.’

I’m totally paying off my Credit Card tommorow. I totally made over $200 twice in a row at work, meaning I am a month ahead of schedule. Huzzah!

Bones, the show, is retarded.

Legend of the Seeker, the show, is retarded.

Matt was able to hang for one late night yesterday. We stayed up until the wee hours a’gigglin. Miss that feller something terrible.

2 Ben & Jerries pints for $7 is rediculously broken. = Hilarious

Cassidy announced to me last night that he has perfected his ‘mexican butt tackle’ sex maneuver. True story.

I will be writing a whole host of New Year’s resolutions in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Maybe should have gone to the BaGG New Year’s party tonight but SOMEBODAY didn’t tell me they were going until a few hours ago; SOMEBODAY is slightly excused however, because she totally seduced for the win yesterday. Instead I’m rolling with ‘da boys’ tonight, to some sort of schindiggery in San Rafael. Jessica and I both have to open Harvey’s tommorow, a punishment he created for us because himself and I to be the least hungover. Win.

See you all next year!

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