Oh Peter Murphy, sing to me….

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Mar 132008

I feel like something isn’t quite right. Everything should be just peachy keen, but something feels missing. Even now as I try to write about it, I can’t quite say what it is. Perhaps I should just go to work and pretend like everything is great, business as usual!

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Other peoples kids…

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Mar 042008

Remind me how awesome its going to be when I have my own. I’ve been playing with a 3 year old named Theo lately who belongs to my friend Becca’s friends. What a super hilarious kid. I’m in no way thinking of knocking anybody up anytime soon, but someday with the right girl, we will spawn the most badass little people this world has ever seen. It’s all about the parenting.

See, I was in Dolores park the other day, and I constantly overheard parents telling their kids to be careful, and not to do things, and to be safe, and all that, no matter how benign the things they were doing. Don’t you think this constant voice of safety first could damage kids mentally? This is why we have so many cowards and hypochondriacs.  Parents should be telling kids to have courage, to take calculated risks, to be adventurous! These things are important! This is why I hate how all playgrounds have been made ’safer’. Dangerous play equipment teaches kids their own limits! It gives them mettle at an early age! But this is the great thing about parenting. Everyone gets their own chance to teach their own kids how to live, and I’m going to get a chance to do it my way, and that way will be totally awesome. TOTALLY AWESOME in caps even.

The stay at home father theory: I’d be totally happy raising kids at home and letting the woman work. I don’t understand why women hate all this cooking cleaning taking care of kids stuff. It sounds kind of awesome. Especially if someone I love pays for me to do it. Obviously I’m going to get my doctorate and all that, but how cool would it be to be Dr. Kyle, stay at home scientist! Now I’m just ranting :)

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