Feb 212008

I’ll do the soccer bit first. Leg 1 game 1 of the Champions League happened Tuesday and Wednesday. Chelsea tied Olympiakos in Greece 0-0 and Arsenal tied Ac Milan in London 0-0. This is very promising for me and sad for Cassidy because it means Chelsea gets to beat up the Greeks in London and Arsenal has to salvage their game in Milan. Mwhahaha.

Acrobaticals! I’m totally in love with my Chinese Acrobatics class. I’m already planning on increasing my intake of body punishment next semester by adding a Stretching Intensive course and Aerial Conditioning.  My acrobatics teacher says this will basically turn my body into a monster and I’ll be able to do lots of cool things. Already I’m getting better at standing on my hands and what not. Seriously, Circus Center, I totally reccomends it!

Battlestar Galactica is an awesome show! WATCH IT. And play close attention to the Cylon Sleeper agents. They are among us! Right now! Seriously. My life has strange parallels to Helo’s.

And St. Valentine’s day happened! Many of you probably rocked the pillow fight, I decided to abstain this year for a variety of reasons, including timing, and a lack of a pillow. I did have a date though, we went out for dinner and had lots of good conversation and I suspect a lot of fun. It has only become complicated since then however, which is a shame. Who knows… I never seem to. My dating strategy needs to be somet— Hahah Jewel just came up randomly on my iTunes, but the shitty Jewel from that Album she purposefully made bad… Damn you Jewel — something along the lines of being awesome and just letting it happen. My attempts to make anything work on not work never seem to have any effect at all :) I’m totally running out of time to discuss these things… but there’s more to come in the future, I assure you.

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