Feb 212008

So this past week I’ve gone to two shows for bands I’ve been hoping to see for something like 5 years. 2 in the same weeeeeeeek! It was amazing!

De/Vision – I love De/Vision with all my heart. I like to call it romantic man music. They played a great set, an updated version of “Your hands on my skin” which is totally hot and awesome, and it was on St. Valentines day which made it pretty nice. They were very dancey, very friendly, and I’d see them again in a heartbeat!

And One – And One was just two nights ago on Tuesday. Hot Damn! I brought Cassidy and met up with Kimber and Bruno there. They rocked the fucking house and we didn’t stop bouncing till they finally left after a huge set (except for Kim who couldn’t handle the awesome’ness of Getting Closer and had to flee to the outside world).  I love the androgynously sexual stage show, the sly winks and giggles, and the huge energy these fellows have. BADASS! They certainly cemented their position in my top 5 bands for years to come with that show (not that they’d ever really been shaken anyways).

In a few weeks Iris is coming to DNA, which will be great too. I will totally fuckin be there!

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