Weekend Update!

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Feb 042008

What a nice weekend! On Friday I went out and had a very nice time. I’m not gonna get all jinxy and discuss it, but sufficed to say I went home with a big smile. Patxi’s for excellent pizza, yummy ice cream, and Meet The Robinsons, an awesome little disney flick. We’ll discuss this more after this coming weekend perhaps.

Cassidy finally went and saw Cloverfield without me thank god. I didn’t like Blairwitch, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like Cloverfield. The silly review in the onion did it for me. Assholes, all of them!

In the soccer world, Arsenal pulled farther ahead of Chelsea and ManU again. Bleh. Good for Cassidy, bad for me! Werder Bremen managed to not win as well, so it was a shafty weekend for my sports teams. And screw the superbowl, could have watched it, totally didn’t care.

Hummmmmm…. Thats it for nows!

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