New Mixer! New Coffee Table! Fresh Carrot Cake!

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Jan 272008

Basically, the summary of my day. I cleaned like crazy today, bid adieu to our little cat friend Lily, and welcomed a few new additions to the home. The mixer is a kitchen aid professional and it weighs some three billion kilograms. The coffee table is a gift from my aunt, heavy, sturdy, and wonderful. We just need to stain it red at some point. I made a carrot cake with the mixer immediately to test its strength. I made a complete mess of the kitchen, but the carrot cake was fantastic. Em, Julian, and Doug came over to enjoy it, play cards, and have exercise contests with Cassidy. Emily beat Cassidy at a push-up contest on the colossus, mostly because Cassidy has the words “Huge Vagina” tatooed beneath his belly button. All in all, I’ve had to much cream cheese frosting…. but it is just so damn good… help…

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A Day of Media

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Jan 272008

Cassidy and I watched lots of things today. We watched Chelsea continue on in the FA Cup. We watched Patrick Stewart rock the house in Extras. We yelled and screamed while watching season 2 of Battlestar Galactica. We watched Lady in the Water and I actually liked it, but Cassidy fell asleep with the cat. All in all a good day.

My matress arrived this morning. I’m going to sleep on my own bed in my own house for the first time since May of last year. Its just too bad I’m all alone on such a rainy night :)

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