A new year, a new fitness code, a new desire!

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Jan 032008

So, I’ve done a few things to ring in the New Year. Mainly, watched 2 awesome movies: Holiday with Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, and Stardust. They’ve made me feel a few ways, and I will describe these ways for you:


This movie is fantastic! Not only is it cute, it has Grant and Hep falling in love! Okay, so anyways, this movie screamed at that little part of my brain that has always been jealous of people doing handstands and things of that nature.  SOOOOO, I’m signing up for Beginning Chinese Acrobatics. Seriously. I’m going to learn how to tumble and fly and all those things. And when I feel like I’m in better shape, I’m also going to sign up for tumbling, so I can learn to do handsprings. It’s going to happen!


Stardust is an adorable movie that speaks volumes to someone who feels like they might have fallen for the wrong person in the recent past. Damn you Victoria and your wicked ways. Do you ever feel like you’ve learned to put up with far to much bullshit for the sake of trying to find love? I certainly do.  I’m certainly going to be doing it less, I freaking swear.

Besides that, my New Year has begun with little else besides a bit of hope and a sprained ankle.  I lost my picture formatting gusto, but I’m almost almost done. I just need to finish the last half of 2007, and then UPLOAD them. And Voila, several years of pictures availabl. I’m very excited.

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