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Dec 262007

Sometimes, just sometimes, wonderful things happen. FOR EXAMPLE, imagine you fall asleep watching season 6 of Scrubs, and you wake up near the end of disc one. Sometimes, SOMETIMES, you will happen to notice that Turk is WEARING the same AWESOME PANDA SHIRT that you are wearing at the very moment. The VERY SAME AMAZING PANDA SHIRT that you bought in Bangkok. How the hell do these things happen…. Strangely enough, this actually leads me to discovering that several of my awesome panda shirts that I bought in Bangkok were pirated versions of shirts on Threadless. Which is funny, because I like to buy shirts on threadless anyways. Awesome. Merry Fuckin’ Christmas everybody!

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Merry Christmas

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Dec 252007

I just got home to my Mom’s house. Everybodies asleep. I can’t wait to wake em all up tommorow and kick the crap out of my brothers. Tonight will be spent watching my brother’s Scrubs seasons 5 & 6! Finally! I hope everyone is having a nice Christmas.

Pictures will be finished when I return to the city shortly!

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Lady Luck…

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Dec 182007

…smiled on my dice tonight. My coworkers taught me a game called 1-4-24. And I won a lot. I felt bad too, since I probably made more money than all of them tonight and there I was collecting their dollars with a grin :) Thank you lady!

On a more random note, I just want to point a few hilarious ‘best of’ Craigslist posts:

Seeking the Heart of the Librarian?

What Happened to all the Nice Guys?

and of course, the greatest Craigslist ever:

Survival of the Fittest

Enjoy compadres!

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Moving Forward!

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Dec 172007

The gallery! I’m working on it feverishly. I should be done with 2006 by Wednesday, then it may take me a week or so to fix 2007, being that I need to tackle the mountain of pictures that will be the Thailand file. Good god. When I’m done though, it will be nice. I’m hoping to have it organized into 3 categories, By Date, By Event, and My Favorites. But initially just By Date will do.

It’s weird looking at all the ex-girlfriend photos. To what extent does one include them in a public gallery? What will one’s theoretical future girlfriend think about them? I usually believe that everyone you date has an effect on you and thus, whether things end bad or good, they deserve to be acknowledged for the time they spent with you. But it’s certainly debatable. Maybe they don’t even want to be included in the gallery? Just thoughts…

With so much work these days, I haven’t been doing much but renting movies and staying indoors. Today is no exception. With work at 5:30, I decided to spend the day in the most amazing way I could think of. Prancing around the living room in my boxers with the music loud and the heater on full. It’s downright tropical in here and I love it.  Time for more prancing!

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Before I Sleep

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Dec 152007

I just want to point out that I have redone my website yet again. Hopefully this time for good. It is now harder//better//faster//stronger. And I like it. I’m going to start bloggings more, and I’m completely redoing my gallery with new higher quality pictures!!! Hooray!! So check back, even though you are only in my imagination (because nobody real is gonna read this shit). Ha.

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